The importance of blanching in French fries production line

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In the French fries production line or potato chips production line, we usually blanching machine. Why does it need blanching? What is the time for blanching? What are the benefits of blanching?

What is blanching potatoes?

In the French fries production line, potato blanching is an important process, that is, heating potatoes in boiling water, and blanching temperature is 80-100 ℃

How long does it take to blanching in French fries production line?

Although it looks easy to operate during the French fries production line, it has special requirements for the blanching time., that is, around 1-2 minute. The blanching time is too long, it will actually stimulates the activity of the enzymes present in the potato. It causes the loss of flavor, color and texture. The effect of it is worse than that of no blanching. If the blanching temperature is too hot, the quality of the potatoes will decline. It will affect flavor, color, vitamins and minerals, and increase production costs.

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 What are the benefits of blanching potatoes?

Blanching potatoes can help to remove the potato skin, keep it fresh, protect the color and preserve the potatoes. As for fried potato chips, the benefits are as follows:

1. Blanching can help clean the surface of potatoes. It can also kill bacteria, mold and other organisms present on the surface of potatoes.

2. Blanching potatoes can prevent the action of enzymes. When the potato is mature, the enzyme will continue to work until the potato has developed a viable seed reproduction. Blanching can kill enzymes, thereby maintaining the flavor, color and texture of potatoes. It can also extend the storage life of potatoes. After bleaching, the potatoes cannot turn black even if they are exposed to oxygen.

3. Bleaching can make starch gelatinize. During the French fries production line, the scalded potatoes quickly form a layer of gelatinized starch on the surface, which limits the absorption of oil and improves the texture.

 4. Blanching can reduce the acrylamide content in french fries. It can extract reducing sugar and amino acid asparagine from potatoes, and decrease the content of acrylamide in chips. After frying, the potatoes can form a uniform color.

In summary, we can conclude that blanching is necessary and very important during the french fries processing line.


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