200kg/h Frozen french fries production line

200kg/h Fully automatic frozen french fries making machine efficiently produces packed half-fried frozen french fries from raw potatoes.
continuous frozen french fries processing line
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The frozen french fries making machine is used to process batches of fresh potatoes into half-fried frozen french fries. The fully automatic French fries production line mainly involves the processes of potato cleaning and peeling, potato cutting, potato blanching, dehydration, frying, degreasing, quick freezing, and packaging with the capacity of reaching up to 2000kg/h. This is to introduce the 200kg model, suitable for medium-scale processing units. The automatic frozen french fries processing plant has the advantages of low energy consumption, multiple functions, high return, and convenient use and maintenance, suitable for small and medium french fries processing factories, workshops, restaurants, canteens, etc.

Frozen french fries making machine overview

Continuous frozen french fries processing line
Continuous Frozen French Fries Processing Line

Frozen french fries production process:

Lifting and feeding → cleaning and peeling → picking and sorting → lifting and feeding → slicing (strips) → rinsing → blanching and color protection → air-cooled dehydration → frying → air-cooled deoiling → quick freezing → conveying → packaging

Final products: Frozen french fries, potato chips, finger chips, sweet potato chips, fried cassava chips, etc.

Outputs: 100kg/h, 200kg/h, …, 2000kg/h.

The small and medium output is about 50-300kg/h, and the large output reaches about 300-2000kg/h

Customized services: available (machine material, capacity, machine size, voltage, heating method, etc.)

Working video of french fries manufacturing plant

3D stimulation video

This is how full set of automatic frozen french fries production line works in factory (100-2000kg)

Live video recording of French fries processing plant

Automatic frozen french fries production line | 500kg/h modern french fries processing line

Introduction to main machines of automatic french fries processing line

The following items are the main parts of the frozen french fries making machine.

Potato cleaning and peeling machine

Potato cleaning and washing machine

The brush-type potato washing and peeling machine is adopted, which can complete the work of cleaning and peeling at the same time. High efficiency and no damage to products.

French fries cutter machine 1

French fries cutting machine

It is suitable for making potato slices, or potato strips. The sizes of the slices and strips can be adjusted. Generally, it reaches from 6*6mm to 15*15mm.

Potato chips frying machine

Potato blanching machine

It blanches the potato strips to remove excess starch and maintain the color of the potatoes. The blanching machine can also be used as a french fries continuous frying machine. The oil temperature is precisely controlled, thus ensuring the quality and taste of the fries. The fryer can fry continuously and work automatically.

French fries tunnel freezing machine

Continuous french fries freezing machine

A tunnel quick-freezing machine is specially used for freezing a large number of products in a very short period of time. The french fries flash freezing machine ensures that the product will not stick to itself and that there is no ice. The french fries maintain their quality and keep freshness and taste.

Frozen french fries making machine technical parameter

OrderMachine nameModel of 200kg/h
1HoistSize: 2500*850*1400mm
Length of roller: 600mm
Power: 0.75kw
2Potato Washing And Peeling MachineSize: 2800*850*900 mm
Length of roller: 1800mm
Power: 4kw
3Manual picking beltSize: 3000*850*800mm
Length of roller: 600mm
Power: 0.75kw
4French Fries Cutting MachineSize: 850 * 850 * 1000 mm
Power: 0.75kw
Cutting strip size: 3-8mm
5HoistSize: 2500*1050*1400mm
Length of roller: 800mm
Power: 0.75kw
6Potato Blanching MachineSize: 4000*1150*1250mm
Mesh belt width: 800mm
Electric heating power: 90kw
7Water Drying Machinesize:4000*1100*1100mm
Mesh belt wideth:800mm
8French Fries Frying MachineSize:4000*1150*1550mm
Mesh belt width: 800mm
Electric heating power: 90 kw
9Oil Dryer Machinesize:1200*700*750mm
10Air cooling machinePower:5.5KW, 380V/50Hz
Number of fans: 4
11Quick FreezerLength: 9100mm
Freezing center temperature: – 18 °
Material: 304SS
12Automatic packing machineMaximum weight: 1000g
Single weighing range: 10-1000g
Weighing speed: 60 times/min

The technical data of frozen french fries making machine contains the specifications of major machines and auxiliary equipment required. For special needs, we can provide customers with tailored services. Welcome to send us your specific requirement for professional advice whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or french fries producer of different scales.

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