potato washing machine south africa (2)

Potato washing peeling machine shipped to South Africa

A potato washing machine is a brush-type potato washing and peeling machine. We have already shipped a potato washing machine to a customer in South Africa. The potato washing machine South Africa greatly helps him to expand the potato processing business.

Ginger washing and peeling machine

Automatic brush type ginger washing and peeling machine

Ginger washing and peeling machine is a brush-type cleaning and peeling equipment for deep processing of ginger, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, yam, cassava, and so on. The ginger peeling machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, high cleaning and peeling rate, and convenient operation.

potato chips cutting machine

Multipurpose Potato chips slicer cutting machine in Pakistan

The potato chips cutting machine is also called multifunctional potato chips cutting machine, with the functions of shredding, slicing, or dicing potatoes. We have delivered potato chips cutting machine in Pakistan, and many other countries.

commercial potato peeling machine

How does a commercial potato peeling machine work?

A commercial potato peeling machine is the main equipment for cleaning and peeling root vegetable. The potato washing and peeling machine has high efficiency and is easy to operate and can keep the integrality of materials.

Potato washing peeling machine

Auto potato washing and peeling machine at factory price

The automatic potato washing and peeling machine is an integrated machine with both cleaning and peeling functions. We offer high-quality machinery and our potato washing peeling machine price is reasonable and competitive.

banana slicer machine

Automatic banana slicer machine price for banana chips

Our banana slicer machine is mainly used for cutting fruits and root vegetables, including bananas, plantains, potatoes, onions, carrots, cassava, radish, cucumber, etc. Based on comprehensive product quality and service, our banana slicer machine price is reasonable and competitive.


Banana chips machine price in Peru

Fresh bananas are rich in nutrients, and the banana chips and banana powder processed from it are also rich in nutrients. And because fried potato