500kg/h fully automatic frozen french fries machine

500kg/h fully automatic french fries machine realize automatic and large production, low energy consumption, for medium and large units.
complete frozen french fries processing plant manufacture
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French fries are a very popular fast food and leisure food in a large number of countries. Quick-frozen french fries are common potato products processed by peeling, cutting, blanching, drying, quick-frying, oil removing, and quick-freezing. Frozen half-fried french fries are often delivered to fast-food restaurants to be fried and ready to eat. The fully automatic french fries machine has the advantages of automatic, specialized, and large production, reasonable investment, low energy consumption, multiple functions, simple operation, convenient use, maintenance, etc. The complete frozen french fries production line consists of cleaning and peeling, cutting, blanching, dehydration, frying, degreasing, freezing, packaging, and auxiliary equipment. The automatic french fries making machine is suitable for the production of medium and large-scale french fries processing enterprises.

Frozen French fries manufacturing process

Fully automatic french fries manufacturing process
Fully Automatic French Fries Manufacturing Process

1. Wash and peel: Clean the silt on the surface of the potatoes and remove the skin of the potatoes

2. Cut into strips: Cut the potatoes into strips with a size of about 3mm-12mm.

3. Blanch: Blanch the cut fries to protect the color, otherwise the potatoes will be oxidized and turn brown

4. Dehydrate: remove excess water before frying to facilitate frying and improve the taste.

5. Fry: The continuous frying machine in the fully automatic french fries machine automatically controls the temperature for frying, and the temperature is 160-180 degrees Celsius. It usually takes 40-60 seconds to fry.

6. Deoil: The centrifugal deoiling machine deoils the freshly fried French fries, which overcomes the defects of high oil content and greasy taste of the French fries.

7. Quickly freeze: French fries need to be frozen in the freezer at minus 40 degrees Celsius for 15 to 45 minutes. French fries are frozen and shaped for easy storage and subsequent sale and processing.

8. Automatically pack: The automatic packing machine can quickly pack the french fries according to the set weight.

Automatic french fries making machine
Automatic French Fries Making Machine

Video of fully automated french fries manufacturing line

This is how full set of automatic frozen french fries production line works in factory (100-2000kg)
Automatic frozen french fries production line | 500kg/h modern french fries processing line

Market advantages of fully automatic french fries machine

  • Machine material: the machines in the fully automatic frozen french fries processing line are made of 304 stainless steel. It meets food safety standards.
  • Superior performance: the automatic french fries making machine is easy to operate, really realize the automatic and stable operation, and high efficiency.
  • Easy to operate and maintain, and labor saving. The operation and maintenance is convenient. We offer all-around after-sales service.
  • Technical support. For early-stage entrepreneurs, we can provide free production formula and comprehensive technical support to our customers.

Specification of 500kg/h automatic french fries production line

Machine nameMachine functionsModel: 500kg/h
HoistAutomatic lifting and feeding, convenient, efficient, and fast, saving manpowerSize: 2500*1050*1400mm
Length of roller: 800mm
Power: 0.75kw
Potato Washing And Peeling MachineFully automatic potato cleaning and peeling machine, high efficiency and energy saving, saving time and effortSize: 3600*850*900 mm
Length of roller: 2600mm
Power: 5.5kw
Manual picking beltRemove the bad pits and scars of the potatoes to improve the qualitySize: 4000*1050*800mm
Length of roller: 800mm
Power: 1.1kw
French Fries Cutter MachineEfficient strip cutting with adjustable sizeSize: 850 * 850 * 1000 mm
Power: 0.75kw
Cutting strip size: 3-8mm
HoistLift the potato strips to the potato blanching machineSize: 2500*1050*1400mm
Length of roller: 800mm
Power: 0.75kw
Potato Blanching MachineRemove the starch on the surface of potato strips and inhibit the activity of active enzymesSize: 8000*1350*1250mm
Mesh belt width: 1000mm
Electric heating power: 240 kw
Water Drying MachineRemove the scraps that are too small and vibrate to remove excessive watersize:1000*1200*1100mm
Mesh belt wideth:1000mm
French Fries Frying MachineContinuously fry the french fries under precise temperate control and time controlSize:10000*1450*1550mm
Mesh belt width: 1000mm
Electric heating power: 320 kw
Oil Dryer MachineVibrate to remove excessive oil to improve the taste and convey the material to next machinesize:1200*700*750mm
Air drying machineBlow off extra oil on the surface and cool the fries well enough to go into the quick freezerPower:7.5KW,380V/50Hz
Number of fans: 10
Quick FreezerFrench fries are frozen for about 15-45 minutes for easy storage and transportationLength: 15000mm
Freezing center temperature: – 18 °
Material: 304SS
Automatic packing machineFully automatic packaging of frozen fries according to customer requirementsMaximum weight: 1000g
Single weighing range: 10-1000g
Weighing speed:60times/min

The above is the general technical data of the 500kg/h fully automatic french fries machine. We also offer french fries machines of other capacities ranging from 50-2000kg/h. If special needs are needed, customized services can be provided.

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  1. I am a consultant in food processing in Tripoli, Libya. I have a client who wants to start frozen french fries business in Tripoli at 500kg/h capacity. Currently, I am in the process of getting quotations from different countries. I received an offer from Turkey. Please send me information in your line with specifications and price.

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