Banana plantain chips production line | banana chips making machine

The banana chip production line composes of banana processing machines, it mainly applies in small and fully automatic banana plantain chips processing plant. It can produce banana chips, plantain chips, and banana wafers.
banana chips production line
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The banana chips production line designed by Taizy is used to produce deep-fried banana chips. We provide small and automatic banana chip production machines. It has undergone peeling, slicing, frying, flavoring, and other steps to manufacture banana chips and plantain chips.

The automatic banana chip production line can realize the automated production of banana chips from green bananas to finished packaging. Its output range can reach 50-1000kg/h. And we can also customize the production project according to the customer’s requirements.

Banana chips production line overview

Application: used to produce banana chips, plantain chips, and banana wafers.

Output: The plantain chips production line includes small and large processing plants. The small line’s output is 50-500kg/h. The automatic chips plant’s output is 300-1000kg/h.

Customized or not: Yes

Heating method: electric heating, gas heating

Popular areas: Canada, Ecuador, Philippines, Ghana, Cameroon, and other places.

Production process: peeling green bananas-slicing-blanching-dehydration-frying-deoiling-seasoning-packaging.

Features: 1kg of peeled bananas can be processed into 0.5kg of fried banana chips. In the process of producing banana chips, the frying temperature is about 160°C, and the frying time is about 5 minutes.

Banana chips production line process

Banana plantain chip production process
Banana Plantain Chip Production Process

Green banana peeling machine
The green banana peeling machine is mainly used to remove the green skin of bananas and plantains. It can easily peel the banana without damaging the banana.

Banana chips cutting machine

The entrance size of the banana slicer can be customized. Its slice thickness is 2-7mm, and its slice size can be adjusted according to production requirements.

To avoid the oxidation of banana chips, we should use a blanching machine to remove the starch inside them. The operator just needs to add water into the machine, when the water temperature reaches the specified temperature, you can place the banana slices into the machine. By using this machine, the color of the final fired banana slices will become bright with great taste. The blanching temperature is around 80-100℃, and it is adjustable.

Chips dewatering machine

After using the blanching machine, it is necessary to use a dewatering machine to remove the water on the surface of banana chips. Only in this way can you avoid oil splashing everywhere when frying.

Banana chips frying machine

It is an important step for frying banana chips in the banana chips production line. The frying temperature of banana chips is generally 160-180 degrees. Its frying temperature and time can be controlled. And It has electric heating and air heating method.

De-oiling machine

The deoiling machine has the feature of connecting to the fryer to realize automatic deoiling. It can ensure that the fried banana slices have a better taste.

Plantain chips flavoring machine

The banana chip seasoning machine can add different flavors of seasoning to realize the diversity of banana chip flavors.

Other types of banana chips flavoring machine

Chips packaging machine

In order to meet the diverse packaging requirements of different customers, we provide two-head, four-head, and ten-head packaging machines. They can achieve precise weight packaging.

Features of the banana chips production line

Whether it is a small banana chips production line or a fully automatic production line. The banana processing machines involved are all made of 304 stainless steel. Therefore, it not only meets food production hygiene standards but also won’t rust during long-term use. It has a relatively stable structure.

Small banana chip production line
Small Banana Chip Production Line

Small banana chips production machine features

  1. The semi-automatic banana chip processing machines are all made of 304 stainless steel. It requires three to five people to operate the machine. Its output range can achieve 50-500kg/h.
  2. The fryer and blanching machine in the semi-automatic banana chips production line can be heated by electricity or gas. Its heating tube adopts a seamless electric heating tube. Therefore, it is very safe and will not cause safety problems caused by leakage.
  3. The de-oiler and dehydrator in the small plantain chips production line have timing functions. It can reduce the use of labor.
  4. For the packaging machine in the production of banana chips, it can fully meet all customer requirements. As a banana chip machine manufacturer, we provide a variety of packaging machines to meet your needs.

Automatic plantain chips processing plant advantages

Fully automatic plantain chip processing plant
Fully Automatic Plantain Chip Processing Plant
  1. While meeting the demand for making banana chips, the large-scale banana chip processing plant line has improved its degree of automation. It can realize that one or two people operate this production line. Its production output can reach 300-1000kg/h.
  2. All the banana chip-making machines in this production line have improved output and models compared to small plantain chip machines. Moreover, they are connected by a hoist.
  3. The banana chips frying machine adopts a continuous mesh belt fryer. It can realize automatic feeding and discharging. And the use of a double mesh belt makes the banana slices completely immersed in oil. It can ensure the uniform color of the fried banana slices. And the machine can control the frying temperature and time by itself. Therefore, the fully automatic banana chips production line can ensure the color of fried banana chips.
  4. It adopts a drum seasoning machine in the automatic plantain chips production line. It can connect to a de-oiling machine, and realize the functions of automatic feeding, discharging, and dusting of banana chips. And during the seasoning process, it will not damage the banana slices.

Full automatic banana plantain chips making machine video

Full automatic banana chips production line / plantain chips processing machine/banana chips machine

Suggestions for starting a banana chip business

  1. Before you start banana chip production, you need to clarify your investment. This is very important for you to choose the appropriate output for the banana chip production machine.
  2. If you have clarified the output or investment of the banana chip processor you need, we can make the corresponding production plan and quotation for you according to your requirements.
  3. In addition, the size of the banana chips you make is also very important. You can investigate the size of popular banana chips in your local area to make.
  4. Finally, you should also pay attention to the packaging of your banana chips. For packaging, it can be the style and size of the packaging bag. The style of the bag should carry your brand name. As for the size of the packaging, it not only affects the price of your product but also affects the choice of the banana chips packaging machine.
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