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Taizy Machinery is a professional manufacturer of French fries and potato chip processing machinery and equipment. Over the past 20 years, we have focused on the research and development of high-quality food processing equipment and won the trust of customers with high-quality service and product quality.

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French Fries Production Line

In general, French Fires production line has semi-automatic type and full-automatic type, and its capacity ranges from 200kg/h to 2t/h. What’s the difference between these two lines? The proficient difference between them is that full-automatic French Fires production line can greatly saves time and energy, and there is conveyor belt between machine and machine. We will customize proper lines according to the capacity you want.

Potato chips production line

The machines between potato Chips Production Line and French Fries Production Line are similar. The difference lies in the potato cutter machine. In the French Fries Production Line, we need to cut the potatoes into strips, while the potatoes need to be cut into slices during the Potato Chips Production Line. In addition, you should season potato chips with different flavors by seasoning machine.

banana slicer production line

Banana Slicer Production Line has semi-automatic type and full-automatic type as well. We recommend you to purchase semi-automatic machine if your budget is not high. Unlike the French Fries production line, the banana slice production line requires a banana peeling machine. The fired banana slices are pretty delicious with bright color..

What should you note during Potato Chips (French Fries) Production Line?


How long does 200kg brush-type cleaning machine take to clean potatoes? How many potatoes should I place each time?

Fresh potatoes generally need to be cleaned for 1-2 minutes. If the potatoes are stored for a long time, you should clean it for 5-6 minutes. You can place about 40kg potatoes into machine each time.


What do I need to add when blanching? How long does it blanch?

1kg Edible salt, 0.5kg sodium pyrophosphate, 0.5kg citric acid, and 1kg glucose powder. The blanching time is 1-2min.


How long is the frying? What is the temperature for frying?

40-40s for general frying, oil temperature is 160-180 ℃


What’s the order of freezing and packing?

You firstly should froze the potato chips (French Fries) before packing, which can avoid the fries sticking together. If you firstly package and then freeze them, the they cannot be separated.


What is the working temperature of the quick freezer? What is the temperature of the final French fries?

The working temperature is -40 ℃, and the temperature of frozen fries is-(12-18) ℃

Potato chips processing machine

Relying on advanced technical forces, Taizy company has introduced modern production equipment, strictly following internationally scientific production processes standards. In the recent years, we have exported numerous full automatic french fries production lines for new and old customers. Guided by seeking development with science and technology and surviving with quality, we constantly expand our market. We have won the praise of consumers with first-class products and perfect after-sales service.