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Where the 1/4 of the world’s french fries come from?

McCann Foods is a Canadian company. As a multinational company, McCann Foods was founded 60 years ago. One quarter of the world ’s fries are produced by this company.

McCann Foods is a Canadian company. As a multinational company, McCann Foods was founded 60 years ago. One quarter of the world ’s fries are produced by this company. They have advanced french fries processing plant. Since entering China market in 1994, McCann Foods has vigorously developed localized cultivation and established its first manufacturing base in Harbin. 2019 is the 25th year for McCann Foods to take root in the Chinese market. Both brands and products have gained recognition and support from Chinese partners and consumers.

French Fries

McCann Foods has now developed into one of China’s largest producers of frozen french fries

After years of layout, McCann Foods has developed into one of the largest frozen french fries machine manufacturer in China. However, it still maintains a learning mindset, and they are committed to continuously optimizing products and services,  bringing more surprises to everyone. In the past 25 years, McCann Foods has gradually occupied Chinese market through a series of methods such as potato breeding, opening french fries processing plant and innovative products. They are committed to better serving customers here through localized operations

What are the factors that make McCann successful?

After they settled in China, they did not rush to start sales here, but engaged in the potato planting experiment through the company’s own technical reserves. After years of hard work, the efforts and investment in agricultural planting have paid off. They have successfully cultivated high-quality potatoes suitable for processing on the french fries production line.

Establish french fries processing plant in China

In 2004, a modern french fries processing plant was built in Harbin. Through close cooperation between agronomy experts and farmers, they have created very suitable planting conditions for the growth of potatoes. In addition, they cultivate high-quality potatoes, providing world-class high-quality fries products for the Chinese market.

Through close cooperation with partners in various important links in the supply chain, combined with McCann’s global resources and local market insights, they strive to more accurately grasp the market pulse and the needs of local customers in a timely manner. With in-depth insight and continuous exploration of the Chinese market over the years, they found that the Chinese market is full of potential. Besides, they are full of confidence and expectation for the future. China has become a very important market for McCann. In order to serve customers faster and better, they will increase investment in Chinese business from various dimensions.

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