Can yam crisps shake the potato chips market?

The report shows that the market sales of potato chips made by potato chip production line are increasing rapidly at a growth rate of 30% to 50% each year. The purpose of purchasing snack are also diversified such as supplementing nutrition. Increasing demand for healthy snacks More and more consumers have a fast pace of life with high pressure, so […]

The favorite potato chips brand in England

What are British people’s favorite snacks? Of course it’s potato chips. There are many different kinds of potato chips in every supermarket of UK. Of course, these potato chip brands have their own professional potato chip processing plant.

The amazing potato chip that can not make you become fat

There is a honey butter potato chip that is popular on all major social networks once it is released. Compared with other potato chips produced by the potato chip production line, this potato chip is favored by many consumers. Not only did the Korean people say they prefer to choose this type of potato chips, but […]