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Can yam crisps shake the potato chips market?

The report shows that the market sales of potato chips made by potato chip production line are increasing rapidly at a growth rate of 30% to 50% each year. The purpose of purchasing snack are also diversified such as supplementing nutrition.

potato chip production line 

Increasing demand for healthy snacks

More and more consumers have a fast pace of life with high pressure, so the demand for healthy snacks is more intense. A number of people are replacing breakfast with snacks. Now the pursuit of natural, healthy, green and convenient food has become a new direction. Recently, a snack has become popular in the puffed food industry. Its thickness is as thin as paper, and its taste is crisp and refreshing, that is, yam crisps.

Advantages of yam crisps

As a traditional food, potato chips have a huge market scale of more than 30 billion dollar. However, due to its high starch and high fat limitations, traditional fried potato chips have become less attractive to consumers. The content of trans fatty acids in yam crisps is 0. 100g yam contains only one-third of the calories of 100g potato chips. Besides,the yam has the function of weight loss and bodybuilding, digestion, kidney and essence. The yam contains 16 kinds of amino acids required by people. Yam crisps can be said to be a perfect substitute for potato chips, and have won high recognition from consumers.

How to make yam crisps?

The production process of yam flakes is by no means easy. The moisture content of yam is too high to achieve the desired puffing effect. At present, most yam products on the market can only be marked with yam powder. The real yam crisps are made by beating fresh yam, and then compounded with exquisite wheat flour, potato powder, etc. This is only part of the semi-finished product process. It is different from the potato chips processing line.

How do yam crisps occupy a place in the market?

The survival of a product in the market is mainly based on quality, taste and production process. In addition, it should use differentiate taste and channel layout, marketing and promotion to win more consumers. The rapid development of yam crisps lies in that it caters to consumers ‘demand for healthy and nutritious food. At the same time, it focuses on tapping out consumers’ deep-level health care experience.

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