We sold potato chip seasoning machine to Germany

We sold 5 sets of potato chip seasoning machines to Germany last week. It can mix the food such as potato chips or French fries with seasonings evenly. With octagonal structure and high efficiency, it is favored by people. Why he purchase a potato chip seasoning machine? He has a potato chips processing plant, and the seasoning […]

Why need to blanch potatoes in production of chips and fries

In the French fries production line or potato chips production line, we usually blanching machine. Why does it need blanch potatoes? What is the time for blanching? What are the benefits of blanching? What is blanching potatoes? During producing potato chips or french fries, we generally need to put chips/frozen fries in the hot water for a while. This […]

How to be a successful french fries machine manufacturer?

French fries are very popular snacks now, and you can find it almost everywhere. Many people obtain high profits by selling french fries with large scale. How to become a successful french fries machine manufacturer and provide suitable solution for your customers?