Industrial potato masher machine | potato paste making machine

Industrial potato masher machine is used to mash potatoes and other vegetables into paste or granular with high efficiency and adjustable fineness.
industrial potato masher machine
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An industrial potato masher machine is used to quickly mash fresh or boiled potatoes and other vegetables into paste or granular. There are two types of commercial mashed potato machines for processing boiled/cooked potatoes and fresh potatoes. The commercial potato paste machine has the characteristics of high production efficiency, adjustable fineness, reasonable structure, easy operation, and cleanliness and hygiene. The potato paste making machine has a wide range of uses and can be minced for vegetables and fruits, such as cooked potatoes, taro, purple potatoes, sweet potatoes, loquats, pumpkins, yams, carrots, and lotus roots, or seasoning materials, ginger, peppers, chili, onions, and other materials. This commercial potato masher machine is easy to operate, easy to clean, beautiful in appearance, labor-saving, water-saving, and power-saving, and can meet the production needs of the majority of users. The potato paste machine has various capacities reaching 500-1500kg/h, suitable for use in small, medium, and large food processing plants, canteens, seasoning plants, restaurants, vegetable, and fruit processing plants, and other places.

Type 1: boiled potato paste making machine (video)

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Highlights of industrial potato masher machine

  • The whole potato paste machine is made of food-grade stainless steel. It is hard and sharp, durable and wear-resistant, does not rust, and meets food safety standards;
  • The blades of the potato paste making machine can be adjusted to cut out the ideal effect according to different raw materials and different fineness requirements;
  • Suitable for various vegetables, like potatoes, taro, purple potatoes, sweet potatoes, loquats, pumpkins, yams, carrots, and lotus roots, or seasoning materials, ginger, peppers, chili, onions, and other materials;
  • Applicable to a variety of places, such as hotels, restaurants, food processing enterprises, canteens, fast food restaurants, condiment processing plants, etc.;
  • Simple operation, easy to clean: one worker can easily operate the machine. The commercial potato masher machine is anti-rust and easy to clean.
  • Stable work, no noise pollution: the mashed potato machine has an advanced design to lower the noise and it does not cause noise pollution.
Potato paste making machine
Potato Paste Making Machine

Commercial potato masher machine structure

The industrial potato masher machine is mainly composed of an inlet, outlet, built-in blades, motor, protective cover, fixed base, wheels, and so on. It adopts an advanced motor to realize stable work and has a long service life. The four wheels allow the mashed potato making machine moves easily.

The potato paste making machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple clamping, clean and hygienic, special automatic feeding device to save the trouble of manual feeding, saving time and labor, and high output rate.

Feeding port and blades of the industrial potato masher machine

This is the feeding port of the potato paste machine. There are rotating blades in it to mash the cooked potatoes into small particles or paste.

Outlet of the potato paste machine

This is the outlet of the potato paste making machine. Using winches and blades of different specifications can make the final product of different fineness.

Wheels of potato paste making machine

There are four wheels under the base of the mashed potato machine. Thus, it can be moved easily for use in different places.

Specification of commercial potato paste machine

Winch size3/4/5/6mm (customizable)
Machine material304 stainless steel

The industrial potato masher machine has different models. The output of the machine generally ranges from 500 to 1500kg/h. The standard winch size can be 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, or 6mm. The winch size is also customizable to meet the different demands of customers. The machine voltage can also be changed based on different needs. The machine material is high-quality food-grade stainless steel, which is in line with food hygiene standards.

Commercial potato masher machine
Commercial Potato Masher Machine

Type 2: Fresh potato crushing machine

Commercial mashed potato machine
Commercial Mashed Potato Machine

The commercial mashed potato machine smashed materials by fast cutting of multiple pairs of knives, which can make mashed potatoes, ginger, garlic (minced garlic), peppers, purple potatoes and so on. The potato crusher machine can also cut spinach, onion or lotus root into paste, strips or juice. The electric mashed potato maker is made of stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and durable, and conforms to food hygiene standards. The potato crusher machine is easy to operate, easy to clean, safe and reliable, suitable for the catering industry, seasoning factories, vegetable processing enterprises, etc.

Features of fresh potato grinding machine

Potato crushing machine
Potato Crushing Machine
  • The potatoes can be mashed or finely chopped. The number of blades can be freely increased or decreased to achieve different fineness.
  • The material is controlled correctly, and the fineness or size of crushed potatoes or potato strips is neat and consistent.
  • The machine body is made of stainless steel, and the blade is made of special steel, which is rust-proof, wear-resistant, durable, and meets food hygiene standards.
  • Easy to use, easy to clean and save labor.
  • The industrial potato masher machine has high working efficiency, and the output can reach 600-800kg/h.

Technical data of potato mincer machine

Package dimensions1070*560*1220MM
Power and frequency380V/50HZ
Cutter material420SS
Inlet size170*70MM
Open feed port size300*360MM
Discharge height from the ground400MM
Number of blade sets10 (adjustable)

The standard voltage and frequency is 380V/50HZ and it can be changed based on the special demand of customers. Besides, the potato grinder machine is equipped with 10 sets of blades and the number of the cutters can be adjusted to meet different demands on the fineness or size of the final products.

Mashed potato machine manufacturer

Taizy Machinery is a very experienced food processing manufacturer, with a strong technical force, R&D, and production capacity. Our company follows strict product control systems from raw materials to final products. As a mashed potato machine manufacturer, we have our own factory and welcome you to visit our factory. We offer online training on installing and operating the machine and our engineer can also go outside to install and train the workers to operate the machine. For special machine specifications, we can customize the machine to meet individual demands.

Our company provides a variety of vegetable and fruit processing machinery products to meet the various needs of customers. In addition to the potato paste machine, we also have other potato processing equipment, such as a potato peeling machine, potato cutting machine, potato blanching machine, etc., as well as many food processing production lines. Welcome to contact us for machine details and quotations.

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