Brush potato washing and peeling machine

potato washing machine
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The brush potato washing and peeling machine are also called a peeling and cleaning machine, and it can fully wash the potato and then peel its skin. This machine is suitable for different kinds of vegetables and fruits. The tank body is made of 304 stainless steel. The cleaned potatoes are conveyed through the chain, with automatic feeding and automatic discharging. You can adjust the speed of the conveyor belt according to your need. Our professional machine is of high quality and the potato washing and peeling machine price is very competitive.

Commercial potato washing and peeling machine
Potato Washing And Peeling Machine

Brush washing and peeling machine technical parameter

ModelRoller length(mm)Power(kw)

Working principle of potato washing machine

After putting the potatoes into the washing machine, the brush roller rotates constantly to wash the potatoes and then turns them continuously for peeling. At the same time, the drain pipe is continuously spraying to wash away the dirt washed from the surface of potatoes to make it cleaner.

During the operation, the impurities are brushed off by the brush and follow the water flow into the bottom reservoir. The water in the reservoir can be recycled. There is a filter screen above the reservoir, and the filtering float can be directly trapped on the filter screen to ensure the cleanliness of circulating water. The spray pipe of brush potato washing and peeling machine is welded by food grade stainless steel. The spray nozzle is made of stainless steel. The sprayed water looks fan-shaped with high pressure, and it can wash a large amount of potatoes.

Industrial potato washing machine with hoist
Potato Washing Machine Factory

Potato washing and peeling machine video

Brush potato ginger washing and peeling machine | potato washer peeler machine with wide ues
video of potato ginger washing and peeling machine

The feature of brush potato washing peeling machine

  • Convenient operation and high efficiency for cleaning and peeling,
  • Low energy consumption, small footprint, low failure rate, continuous cleaning, and long service life.
  • It is widely used in restaurants, hotels, colleges, factories, mines, canteens, food processing enterprises, and it can be customized on the basis of your demand.
  • It is widely applicable to the cleaning and peeling of round and oval fruits and vegetables such as ginger, carrot, potato, sweet potato, and kiwi, etc.
  • Durable and good wear resistance. The box is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is not rusty.
  • The brush can be quickly removed for easy cleaning. The transmission uses double-row sprocket wheels to prevent the rollers from slipping and not running. The transmission side adopts a double bearing design and fixed shaft head, which makes the potato washing and peeling machine run more stable. Conveyor belt motor enables you to adjust the speed.

The proficient features of potato washing machine

1. Stainless steel

The brush potato cleaning machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, meeting the hygienic requirements

2.Delicate brush (9 hair rollers)

It uses high-grade nylon brush wire, and they are wear-resistant. They can fully peeling the potatoes without damaging the potato itself. 

Brush potato cleaning machine with spray
Potato Cleaning Machine Details

3 Automatic spray system

During the process, the spray pipe needs to be connected with tap water to achieve peeling and cleaning.

4.Automatic discharge system

After the peeling and cleaning is completed,you can open the discharging baffle The potatoes are automatically rolled out under the force of the brush roller.

Automatic discharge potato washing and peeling machine
Potato Cleaning Machine Display

An automatic potato washing machine, also known as a fruit and vegetable washing machine is used to wash potatoes, various fruits and vegetables, aquatic products and medicinal materials, etc. It is a special bubble-type machine, and it can clean the raw material automatically and continuously. It has a high degree of cleanliness and can maintain the original color of vegetables. The whole potato washing machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, and the fruits will not be damaged. In the potato chips production line or frozen french fries processing line, it generally uses this potato washing peeling machine for cleaning potatoes.

Another type potato washing machine

Commercial potato peeling machine
Commercial Potato Peeling Machine

Technical parameter of potato washing and cleaning machine

Model Size Weight Capacity

The structure of potato washing machine

It mainly consists of tank, inner tank, silt isolation net, lifting device, bubble generation device and other main parts.

1. High-pressure spray device. For raw materials that are not easy to clean, you can add a high-pressure spray device to achieve full cleaning.

2. Overflow tank. During the cleaning process, there will be some floating impurities, which can be discharged through the overflow tank.

3.V-shaped low tank. There will be some sediments such as mud and dirt, and the V-shaped low tank can fully discharge sewage.

4. External frame. It is welded by stainless steel, which is not easy to deform.

5. Circulating water filtration system. It can make full use of water.

Fruit Washing Machine

The advantage of potato washing machine

Vegetable Washing Machine Details

Chain conveyor

A fully automatic stainless steel chain conveyor feeds the material through the filter water tank to push them to the outlet. It bears a good waterproof effect and higher degree of automation, saving labor time.

Surf cleaning

The material falls into the water, and the material is stirred and cleaned with the tumbled water in the tank. The heavy dirt such as the sand on the material can be fully separated.

Electrical control box

The operation panel is clear at a glance with a simple design. You ca adjust it according to the cleaning requirements of different products.

High-efficiency spray device

During the cleaning process, the conveyor belt is automatically lifted and loaded. After the potatoes are washed, the conveyor belt lifts them to the discharge port. At this time, potato can be sprayed again with clean water for the second time.

Water circulation filtration

The dirty water is filtered by the circulating water tank and then refilled into the water tank, which can realize circulating filtration, fully recycling the water resources. Sewage treatment device increases the utilization rate of water, which is more energy-saving and environmental protection.

The overflow tank

It can discharge the impurities to avoid clogging.

Flexible connection

The pipe connection is easy to clean. The spray head on the high-pressure water spray area is quick-release. The nozzle can be adjusted within 360 degrees, cleaning the raw material in all directions.

Working principle of potato washing and peeling machine

  1. The raw material firstly enters the water tank
  2. Under the force of high-pressure water flow and strong air bubbles, potatoes are fully dispersed, tumbled, washed, and conveyed.
  3. The sediment falling from the potato sinks into the sedimentation area below the filter screen, and they will not roll back to cause re-contamination.
  4. Floaters are discharged through the upper overflow port, and intercepted through a filter to ensure that the water is clean. At the same time, it can discharge the impurities in a timely manner.
  5. There is a secondary spray cleaning at the lifting part, which can ensure the cleanliness of the potatoes. 

The vegetable cleaning and packaging production line is suitable for fresh vegetables and fruits cleaning, decontamination, and finally air-drying.

Hair roller impurity removing machine

It uses a double-layer brush to remove debris from the surface of the material. It matches with high pressure spraying part. The bottom of the machine is equipped with ducts for easy drainage. It is suitable for round, cylindrical and irregular shaped vegetables and fruits such as ginger, garlic, strawberry, potato, carrot, jujube, taro and so on.

Air dryer

You can directly pack the fruits and vegetables after using air dryer, and it can match with the sterilizer. The drying temperature is the normal temperature. The air dryer effectively protects the color and quality of the material itself.

Air Dryer Machine

Note: During the potato chips(French fries) production line, I recommend you to use brush potato washing machine, since it not only is able to wash potatoes, but to peel the potatoes.

Export case introduction

 Potato washing machine shipped to South Africa 

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