Potato blanching machine / How to blanch french fries

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potato blanching machine

Potato blanching machine is to blanch potato chips or potato strips in the hot water, and the blanching temperature is 80℃-100℃. It is as same as the potato fryer machine, so you just need to buy one if you want to save cost. The main purpose of using is machine is to remove the starch inside potatoes so as to enable the color of fries potato chips or French fries.

Potato blanching machinery

The operation video

Technical parameter

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Why to use blanching machine during potato chips(French fries) processing line?

The potato chip blanching machine can protect the color of the potatoes, such as potato chips, potato strips and diced potatoes, effectively avoiding the brown oxidation of them. The blanching is the important part during the French fries processing line.

The working principle of industrial potato chips blanching machine 

Potato blanching machine can fully achieve color protection of potatoes. The blanching temperature is adjustable at 80-100 degree. The steam pipe firstly heats the water in the tank, and the potato chips are placed in the water tank for full blanching. Potato chips are relatively light and will float on the water. Our machine is equipped with a pressing device that will directly press the potato chips into the water to ensure the uniformity of blanching. The blanching time is about 1-2min. In addition, you can collect the washed-out starch centrally after precipitation, making full use of resources.

Note: The heating ways can be gas heating or electrical heating. The most people prefer to use the gas heating. The configuration pneumatic angle seat valve can manually control the amount of steam in and out to ensure the heat, thereby reducing heat loss.

French fries blanching machine

The advantage of French fries blanching machine

  1. The blanching time is short just within 1-2minutes.
  2. It has different models, and you can choose one in accordance with the capacity you want.
  3. The blanched potato chips bear bright color.
  4. All the potato chips can be blanched evenly.
  5. Each basket has three heating tube that can work independently.
  6. Wide application. This potato blanching machine not only is suitable for potato, but for other fruits and vegetables.


1.What is the blanching time?

1-2 minuites

2.How many heating tubes inside machine?

Each basket has 3 heating tubes.

3.What’s the blanching temperature?


4.Is this machine just suitable for potato?

No, it also can be used for other fruits and vegetables.

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