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200kg/h potato chips processing plant in Pakistan

Recently,Taizy exported a 200kg/h small potato chips processing plant to Pakistan. Its final chips size are 2 and 3mm, blanching time is 40s.
200kg small potato chips processing plant in Pakistan

Recently, we exported a semi-automatic potato chips processing plant to Pakistan. The production output of this potato chip production line is 200kg/h.

200kg/h potato chip production line delivery picture

Pakistan potato chip processing plant order details

The Pakistani customer wants to start a potato chip production business. He found our website on the Internet and then sent us an inquiry. After receiving the customer’s inquiry, our sales manager had a detailed communication with the customer. After detailed communication, we learned that the customer wanted to start a potato chip production business with semi-automatic output. But the customer is obviously a fresher to this business. He doesn’t know the potato chip production steps and how to use automated machines to produce them. After that, our sales manager sent the production video of the potato chip production line to the Pakistani customer. And, our sales manager sent him a quotation for 50kg/h, 100kg/h, and 200kg/h small potato chip production lines.

After watching the production video, the customer is still confused about the machine. Our sales manager had a video call with the customer and answered the customer’s questions one by one. After reviewing these three quotations, the Pakistani customer finally chose a 200kg/h potato chip processing plant. Soon, he placed an order from us. The potato chip sizes that the customer wants to produce are 2mm and 3mm. So he bought a potato chip slicer with two cutting knives. The potato chips’ blanching time is 40~60s.

Why the Pakistan customer choose Taizy potato chips processing plant?

Professional service

Taizy not only provides potato chip production machines, but we also provide customers with professional potato chip production suggestions. If you have some questions about the machine or process of producing potato chips, our engineers and sales managers can answer your questions. In addition, we can also provide solutions for machine placement according to the machine and the usage place.

Quality is guaranteed

The potato chips and fries processing machines produced by Taizy have been exported to many countries and regions in the world. For example, Pakistan, Russia, Middle East, Nigeria, Philippines, etc. Moreover, our machines have received wide acclaim from customers. Taizy’s potato chip production machines are made of food-grade materials, and the quality is guaranteed.

Rich export experience

Since Taizy establishes, we have focused on the R&D, production, and export of food machinery. Taizy machines have been spread all over the world. Moreover, we also cooperate with professional shipping, land, and air freight forwarding companies to ensure transportation safety. The Pakistani customer had never imported a machine from China before and did not know how to transport it. After knowing this situation, we contacted the shipping company we had previously cooperated with for transportation. The shipping company can transport machines from cargo ports in China to port warehouses in Pakistan. After the machine arrives at the port, the customer only needs to take the ocean bill of lading provided by us to pick up the machine.

Machine list of Pakistan potato chips processing plant

Washing and peeling machine
Model:TZ-800 Dimension:1600*850*800mm Voltage:380v/220v Power:0.75kwWeight : 220kg 1
Potato cutter Model :TZ-600 Size:750*520*900mm Weight:70KG Power:0.75KW Capacity:600kg/h    1
Bleaching Model:TZ-2000 Size:2000*700*950mm Weight:300kg Power:48kwCapacity:200kg/h(Electric heating way) 1
De-water machine Model:TZ-400 Size:1000*500*700mm Weight:260KG Power:1.1kw Capacity:300kg/h 1
frying Model:TZ-2000 Size:2000*700*950mm Weight:300kg Power:48kwCapacity:200kg/h(Electric heating way) 1
De-oil machineModel:TZ-400 Size:1000*500*700mm Weight:260KG Power:1.1kw Capacity:300kg/h   1
Seasoning machineModel:TZ–800 Weight:130kg Power:1.1kw Capacity :300kg/h 1

The above are the details of the 200kg/h small potato chips processing plant purchased by Pakistani customers. If you want to start a potato chip business or want to expand production output, please contact us. We provide large, medium and small potato chip production lines, which can fully meet your needs.

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