Providing Quality French Fries to Uganda: Taizy’s 200kg/h Small French Fries Plant

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The installation of Taizy’s small French fries plant provided our Ugandan client with the capability to produce French fries on a commercial scale, meeting the growing demand in the local market. Their newly expanded product line has received positive feedback from local restaurants and retailers, boosting their reputation in the food processing industry.

Uganda customer profile for french fries business

In the heart of Uganda, a dedicated food processor and wholesaler sought to expand their operations. With a mission to deliver quality processed foods to restaurants and retailers, they were on the lookout for a reliable solution to produce one of the world’s most beloved snacks – French fries. This is where Taizy’s small French fries plant came into play, transforming their aspirations into reality.

How do we meet the customers’ needs?

Our Ugandan client, a rising star in the food processing industry, runs a medium-sized facility that processes a variety of foods. Their primary aim was to integrate French fries into their product line, considering the growing demand for this classic fast food staple in Uganda.

Taizy’s dedicated team, backed by years of experience, provided a tailored solution. The small French fries plant included six essential machines designed for efficiency and quality control. The client’s production line featured:

  1. Potato Washing and Peeling Machine: This crucial first step ensured that the raw material, potatoes, were cleaned and ready for processing.
  2. Potato Cutting Machine: Precise cutting of potatoes into the desired French fries shape was enabled, ensuring uniformity and consistency.
  3. Blanching Machine: This machine partially cooked the fries to maintain color and remove unwanted substances, guaranteeing high-quality taste and appearance.
  4. Dehydrator: Excess water was removed from the blanched fries, a vital step before frying to prevent oil splatter.
  5. Deep Fryer: The machine responsible for achieving that golden, crispy texture that makes French fries irresistible.
  6. Deoiling Machine: After frying, excess oil was removed, enhancing the final product’s quality and shelf life.

Features of the small french fries plant for Uganda

The capacity of 200kg/hour was chosen to meet the client’s current and anticipated demand. It also allowed for flexibility in production volumes.

The integration of these machines into a streamlined production line ensured that the French fries were of a consistent size, shape, and quality. This met the client’s commitment to delivering reliable, high-quality food products to their customers.

French fries plant for shipping
french fries plant for shipping to Uganda
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