What problems does potato processing break through?

Potatoes, from simple cooking to staple food, French fries made by french fries making machine, and snack foods, have increasingly enriched people’s tables. It becomes the fourth staple food after wheat, rice, and corn. In the field of processing, the continuous exploration and research of scientific researchers not only enables the replacement of technical means, but also […]

Why are McDonald’s fries so popular?

French fries have always been McDonald’s key products, and almost every customer will order a McDonald’s fries. Why are McDonald’s fries popular? What is special points about the potatoes they choose as the material of french fries production line? Only use the highest quality potato varieties In the McDonald’s quality manual, there are only three kinds […]

What do you know about potato chips?

Potato chips made from potato chips processing line is a snack that people usually eat. In daily life, many people prefer to eat it. However, for potato chips, how much do you know besides high calorie and easy to gain weight? Let’s take a look!