What do you know about potato chips?

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Potato chips made from potato chips processing line is a snack that people usually eat. In daily life, many people prefer to eat it. However, for potato chips, how much do you know besides high calorie and easy to gain weight? Let’s take a look!

The origin of potato chips

Potato chips are now dominating the world in the snack industries, and it is sold in almost every country with various taste. How was this snack made with potatoes as raw material? In 1853, a particularly picky local tyrant came to a hotel in New York, complaining repeatedly that the potato chips were too thick for dinner and asked the chef to do it again. The chef was angrily angry, deliberately cut the potato chips as thin as paper, and made some fried potato chip that was too thin to use fork. This practice was appreciated by the guests, later, everyone came to eat this fried potato chips. This is how potato chips spread.

potato chips

In the 1920s, since the production of potato chips processing line, this line can produce potato chips on a large scale, potato chips began to become popular in the world.

Non-fried potato chips

Many people think that non-fried potato chips are very healthy, but they may not be. Non-fried potato chips is just a different processing procedure, a selling point of the merchant. Non-fried puffed food is produced by extrusion puffing way and does not require frying. But the fat content is usually more than 15%, and a few products even reach more than 30%. Thus, it is not lower in calories than similar foods made by frying. In addition, due to technological reasons, non-fried potato chips may have a worse flavor, requiring more salt, sodium glutamate, sweeteners, etc. Whether it is fried or not fried, as long as it is eaten in moderation, it will not have any negative impact on health.

Inflatable potato chips packaging bag

The last step of French fries production line is packing, during operation, there are nitrogen in the bag. It looks like a large bag of potato chips, but in fact there is not much inside. Many people think that this is a strategy that manufacturers use to show a lot of potato chips, but it is not.

There are four reasons for putting nitrogen in the bag

1.First of all, it can prevent the destruction of food during transportation. Puffed and fried foods are generally very brittle.

2.Blowing up can greatly reduce the damage during transportation.

3.Nitrogen itself is chemically stable at room temperature and is inexpensive, which can prevent the aerobic bacteria from multiplying and prevent food from spoiling. 4.Nitrogen, as an inert gas, does not react chemically with the food itself, and can prevent moisture and oxidation.

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