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Why are McDonald’s fries so popular?

French fries have always been McDonald’s key products, and almost every customer will order a McDonald’s fries. Why are McDonald’s fries popular? What is special points about the potatoes they choose as the material of french fries production line?

Only use the highest quality potato varieties

In the McDonald’s quality manual, there are only three kinds of potatoes that can be included in the list of ingredients for French fries processing line, that is, Shapotti, Polbank and Innovator. After testing, the starch content of these three kinds of potatoes is the most moderate, which can be used as raw material for the French fries production line. The taste is full after making chips. In addition, with ellipse shape and moderate size, the bud eye on the surface is slightly shallower than ordinary potatoes. Thus, the length of the french fries after cutting is more neat without spots.

It takes four generations from potatoes seedlings to enter the French fries processing plant. Therefore, the french fries you tasted at McDonald’s restaurant started to cultivate as early as three years ago. Only after strict control of the seedling selection and breeding process can the potato retain its excellent genes, greatly reducing the risk of pests and diseases.

The suitable growing environment

The growth of potatoes has strict requirements on soil pH and sandy quality. McDonald’s potato planting base has fresh air, high-quality irrigation water and far away from contaminated soil.

McDonald’s strictly monitors the content of heavy metals in the soil to ensure the safe growth of potatoes. With the world’s advanced irrigation system, it can fully meet the nutritional needs of each plant. In order to ensure the healthy growth of potatoes, potatoes are also subject to rotation. Potatoes are grown on the same land every one to two years, providing a high-quality soil environment for them.

Precise processing of potatoes

In the french fries production line, the processing of potatoes into french fries goes through many steps such as peeling, cutting, blanching, drying, frying, quick freezing, packaging and so on. In line with McDonald’s global uniform quality standards, strict quality management system plays a vital role. McDonald’s conducts regular sampling and third-party certification of french fries. The French fries have fine comparison standards in texture, color, shape and blemishes. French fries that exceed the approved range will eventually not enter the McDonald’s.

Based on providing best service with consumers, McDonald’s also has a globally unified sensory evaluation system. That is, through the sensory evaluation of color, aroma and taste, the quality of the french fries is finally checked. This concept ensures that consumers can enjoy truly delicious fries at McDonald’s, not just those that meet the standards.

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