What problems does potato processing break through?

Potatoes, from simple cooking to staple food, French fries made by french fries making machine, and snack foods, have increasingly enriched people’s tables. It becomes the fourth staple food after wheat, rice, and corn. In the field of processing, the continuous exploration and research of scientific researchers not only enables the replacement of technical means, but also brings a new concept to the entire industrial system.

French Fries

What problems did potato processing break through?

Last year, the Ministry of Agriculture’s in Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Potato Industry” proposed that by 2020, potatoes will account for 30% of total consumption. We must use various means to transform the research results into enterprise benefits, and at the same time continuously promote the consumption consciousness of potato staple food.

Potato staples are not just buns and noodles

At an event, various snacks, pastries, and dishes made of potatoes not only conquered the guests’ taste buds, but also broke through the traditional perception of potatoes by many people. In the past, when referring to potato staple food products, people must think of buns and noodles.

Types of potato processed food

There are four major categories of potato staple food processing

1. First, the mass consumer category. It includes steamed buns, noodles, rice noodles, etc., which corresponds to consumers in most parts of the country.

2. The second is local staple food. Many people beat potatoes into pulp and mud, which can be steamed, roasted and fried. It can also be made into traditional rice cakes, rice noodles and other local snacks. This has made many small factories embark on the industrial production line of potato processing.

3. The third is functional food. Potato is an intermediate food between vegetables and grain. It contains both nutrients in vegetables and satiety of grain. It is rich in resistant fiber and dietary fiber, but its calories are much lower than grain. Therefore, the potato can mix with other cereals and beans to make a low-calorie, sugar-free functional food suitable for obese and diabetic people.

4. Fourth, snack foods such as french fries and potato chips. This has also promoted the development of french fries making machine.

At present, there are more than 300 kinds of foods made of potatoes that have entered the lives of consumers. New products are emerging one after another, not only covering people with different eating habits across the country, but also showing an increasingly diversified trend. Our food supply is relatively sufficient, The more diverse of the potato processing food is, the better the nutritional of people will be.

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