Capacity affects the banana chips plant cost

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Capacity affects the banana chips plant cost
The banana chip production line has both small and large production line specifications. The banana chips plant cost is greatly affected by the output.

Fried snacks such as potato chips, French fries, and banana chips are popular at all ages. Moreover, fried banana chips are rich in nutrition and have a unique taste. In recent years, investment in fried banana chips has increased. Investment in the production of banana chips is welcomed in Nigeria, Peru, Ecuador, the Philippines, and other places. Many customers have already purchased banana chip production lines from us. The banana chips plant cost is largely affected by the output, but it is not the only influencing factor.

What are the main banana chips production steps

First, you need to use a banana peeler to remove the banana peel. Then use a banana slicer to cut the bananas into banana slices of the same size. After that, you need to put the banana slices into the sugar dip machine to dip the banana slices in sugar. Then use an automatic fryer to fry the banana slices. After frying, there will be too much oil on the banana slices, you need to use a de-oiling machine to remove the oil on the banana slices. The last step is to use an automatic packaging machine to package the fried banana chips.


Banana chips plant capacity

Since the banana chip line contains many banana processing machines, its output also varies with the output of the banana machine. According to the production scale of banana chips, it mainly includes small banana chip production lines and large banana chip plants. The small banana chip production machine is a semi-automatic machine, which requires 3~5 people to operate manually. The production output of the small banana chip production line is 50kg/h~500kg/h. The large banana chip line uses a conveyor belt to connect the individual banana processing machines together. Therefore, it can realize automated production. Therefore, the output range of the large-scale banana chip production line is 300kg/h~2t/h.

What does the banana chips plant cost?

Due to the variety of banana chip lines output, the investment cost of banana chips is also different. In addition to the output of the banana chip machine, the cost of the banana chip processing machine is also determined by factors such as the machine material and accessories. The banana chip line can be customized according to customer needs. Therefore, we can match relevant banana chip production machines for you according to customer needs and investment costs.

If you want to know more information about our banana chips machines, welcome to contact us directly.

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