The imports and exports of French fries among different countries

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Japan, Thailand, and New Zealand are countries with imports and exports of French fries, and frozen french fries processing machinery are also popular in these countries. What about their import and export status?

french fries made by frozen french fries processing machinery


For a long time, Japan has been Asia’s largest importer of frozen French fries, with annual imports increasing from 180,000 tons in 1995 to 337,000 tons in 2013, reaching its peak. Import demand increased slowly and steadily. But in the following years, the demand for frozen french fries has steadily decreased, which may also be affected by the long-term decline of the population. Correspondingly, the needs of   frozen french fries processing machinery is decreasing.

Japan’s static population structure has had an impact on the economy. Japan ’s current economic growth rate is only 0.1%. Since 1990, long-term economic growth has been slow or even stagnant. The United Nations Population Division predicts that if no new countries join in 2015-2050, the EU ’s total population will decrease by 3.7% to 423 million.


After experiencing a decline in French fries imports, Thailand ’s imports of frozen French fries and other HS200410 products increased substantially in the following years.

In Thailand frozen french fries market. The price of US frozen french fries reached its peak in 2015, and then began to decline.

New Zealand

New Zealand ’s frozen fries exports have been affected due to decreasing demand for Australian fries. The industry of frozen french fries processing machinery is in danger. In May, New Zealand ’s frozen french fries exported 5,872 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 21.2%. In 2015, the total exports of frozen French fries were 54,068 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 14.4%, and the average export price was $ 1,327 / ton.

In 2017, the export of frozen French fries to Australia decreased by 32.5% year-on-year to 4362 tons. In 2018, the annual export of frozen French fries to Australia accounted for 79.7% of New Zealand ’s total annual exports, but it was down compared with the 81.7% in the previous 12 months.

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