How does the quick-frozen fries production line help potato industry‘s development?

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The complete production process design scheme of the quick-frozen fries production line has helped thousands of potato product processors to obtain huge profits. To a certain extent, the quick-frozen French fries processing business has also greatly promoted the huge development of the potato industry.

Frozen french fries making
Frozen french fries making

Why is the quick-frozen french fries industry developing rapidly?

The potato is the fourth most important food crop in the world. As people’s dietary needs change from being full to eating well, although the functionality of potatoes as a staple food is weakening, deep-processed products of potatoes are becoming more and more common.

In all kinds of cooking, such as frying, frying, stewing, frying and boiling, potatoes can be crispy or soft, which can bring people a unique “feast for the tip of the tongue”.

Among them, crispy potato chips and French fries captured people’s taste buds. Quick-frozen French fries have gradually become a very common snack in fast food restaurants.

Large frozen fries plant
large frozen fries plant

The current market status of quick-frozen French fries

It is reported that in North America, Europe and other regions where fast food culture is prevalent, the total sales share of frozen potatoes once reached about 60%, which is enough to imagine how strong people’s preference for potatoes is.

As an important production area with a stable potato planting area of ​​more than 80 million mu in my country, in recent years, thanks to factors such as changes in people’s consumption concepts and the rapid development of the food processing industry, the sales share of frozen potatoes that meet the needs of fast and delicious food is growing simultaneously.

There is no doubt that there is a huge market for frozen potatoes. With the accelerated transformation and upgrading of the food processing industry to mechanization, automation, and intelligence in recent years, the rapid development of the frozen potato industry has also ushered in the support of supporting mechanized equipment. The industrial frozen fries production line is currently the most popular in the market.

Taizy frozen fries production line factory
Taizy frozen fries production line factory

The role of frozen fries production line in promoting the development of potato industry

Generally speaking, the frozen fries production line includes cleaning, peeling, sorting, cutting, blanching, frying, pre-cooling, quick-freezing, packaging and other processes. With the application of automated cleaning equipment, peeling equipment, and cutting equipment, the potato processing workshop has already taken on a new look. When the machine is running in an orderly manner, a complete potato does not require too much manual participation from feeding to finishing processing, and the production efficiency can be greatly improved.

Moreover, as the tunnel-type quick-freezing equipment suitable for factory production brings frozen French fries a mode of high continuity, mass production, fast freezing speed, and high-quality quick-frozen products, the rise of the frozen potato industry has a solid foundation technical support.

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