Why is Lay’s potato chips favored by public?

Since the listing of Lay’s potato chips, it has been relying on advertising and creativity to continuously seize the market of young people, producing countless hot sale potato chips. Not only does Lay’s have a powerful potato chips processing plant, but the combination of marketing model and marketing strategy in the Chinese market can be regarded as a benchmark in the FMCG industry.

made by potato chips processing plant

How smart is Lay’s marketing strategy?

At the moment of consumption upgrading, more and more consumers are willing to pay for fresh things. The more high-value, high-style and even high-priced snacks, the more consumers will be interested in buying and sharing. Traditional snacks on supermarket shelves are hardly among them. Under such a large environment, Lay’s has attracted more consumers through precise marketing to the target market and has become a famous brand in the snack circle. They pay great attention to the quality of potato chips making machine, aiming to produce high quality potato chips to fully pleasure their customers.

processed by potato chips processing plant

The type of marketing needs to be combined

At present, short video is an inevitable trend of content marketing. Some people feel that as long as they can catch up with the trend of marketing changes, they can occupy a favorable position in content marketing. In fact, this is just a common misunderstanding.

From advertisements in traditional media to pictures, H5, crossover, IP implantation, and even short video or micro-movies, the form of marketing has been developing. However, there are still people who pay for official brand promotion and traditional media advertising. Although the form of content marketing is changing, you cannot blindly follow it. The form of marketing is a complementary relationship, and it is difficult to replace each other.

Types of content marketing

Content marketing can usually be divided into three different types, the brand’s official advertising BGC, influential stars and PGC for the overall content of KOL, and UGC. In the promotion of new products, Lay’s is also step by step, paving different types of content at different times, different platforms and different channels. They aim to create a combination of marketing.

Why Matcha Flavored Potato Chips Are Popular?

Taken the matcha-flavored potato chips as an example, the whole activity plan is very complete. In the official information of BGC, there are new direction and style, that is,  love the taste of spring. Then the stars released the latest news about the new products on Weibo so as to use the influence of popular stars to achieve achieve the best results.

No matter how smart the marketing method is, it is also important to have a professional potato chips processing plant. A growing number of people begin to start potato chips business to obtain high profit.

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