French fries continuous frying machine

Commercial french fries frying machine mainly includes batch fryer and continuous fryer. They have electric and gas heating methods with a variety of output options.
potato chips frying machine
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The french fries continuous frying machine is used to fry potato slices or strips into potato chips or French fries. We offer three types of potato chips/french fries batch fryers. They are the batch fryer with liftable basket(s), automatic-discharging batch fryer, and continuous chips fryer. These three types of industrial frying machines can be heated by electricity or gas. Moreover, they can not only be used to fry potato slices or strips in the frozen french fries processing line, or, potato chip production line. They can also be used for frying many other foods. Commercial french fries frying machine has large production output and low energy consumption. It is the best machine for making fried potato chips or French fries.

Wide application of french fries continuous frying machine

The commercial french fries fryer machine is suitable for frying a wide variety of products. The following are some examples.

  • Nut: broad beans, green beans, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc.
  • Puffed foods: rice crackers, potato chips, etc.
  • Wheat food: Shaqima, dough twist, cakes, etc.
  • Meat products: Chicken, fish, shrimp, sausage, meatballs, etc.
  • Soy products: dried tofu and tofu foam etc.
  • Fruit and vegetables: banana slices and onion ring etc.
Application of french fries continuous frying machine
Application Of French Fries Continuous Frying Machine

Industrial french fries continuous frying machine

This conveyor belt deep fryer machine divides into the gas heating type and electric heating type. You also can call it a conveyor frying machine. It is mainly composed of an oil tank, heating system, lifting system, automatic filter system, smoke exhaust system, control panel, mesh belt, motor, oil outlet, machine cover, and other parts. Unlike other commercial fries fryer machines, it has a special residue board that can replace the oil filter machine, saving much cost. This oil residue board can ensure the cleanliness of oil as well. In addition, the oil temperature is adjustable.

French fries continuous fryer
French Fries Continuous Fryer

Technical parameter of commercial french fries continuous fryer

Electric heating mesh belt type frying machine

Type  Size (mm)Weight      (kg) power(kw)  Output(kg/h)

 Gas heating mesh belt type frying machine

Type  Size         (mm)Weight      (kg) Power(kW)Output(kg/h)

Tipping bucket type chips/french fries batch fryer machine

Tipping bucket type french fries fryer machine is also known as an automatic-discharging batch fryer, or semi-automatic batch fryer, since it can discharge the final output automatically by the tilt of the pot. It has small, middle, and big types, and can be connected with an automatic feeding machine to become a french fries continuous frying machine. Its capacity ranges from 150kg/h to 550kg/h, and it is very suitable for the small or middle size food processing industries.

Batch french fries fryer
Tipping Bucket Type French Fries Fryer Machine

The advantage of a semi-automatic french fries batch fryer machine

  1. The automatic temperature control system enables the quality of the final products. The electric heating tube is able to stop automatically if the oil temperature is higher than the set temperature, and it will constantly heat if the oil temperature is lower than the set temperature.
  2. Automatically discharging the fried products. When the frying is finished, the fried products can be discharged by the tilt of the pot, which greatly saves energy.
  3. There are six heating tubes, and each heating tube can work independently.

Technical parameter of automatic-discharging french fries frying machine

ParameterBig TZ-90Middle TZ-80Small TZ-60
Power KW90KW80KW60kw
Inside diameter1100*18001000*1600800*1300
Size (mm)2800*1400*19002600*1200*18002200*1000*1600
Weight (kg)100010001000

French fries batch frying machine with the liftable basket

Different from a french fries continuous frying machine, this commercial french fries frying machine with basket(s) is also a semi-automatic batch frying machine. It mainly consists of a frame, control panel, oil tank, liftable baskets, an over-temperature protection device, etc. The number of oil baskets is one to six, and we also can customize it for you.

Commercial batch french fries frying machine
Portable Frying Machine

Technical parameter

Electric heating type parameters

TypeSize (mm)Weight (kg)Power(kW)CapacityNumber
CY500700*700*950701250kg/h1 basket
CY10001200*700*95010024100kg/h2 basket
CY15001700*700*95016036150kg/h3 basket
CY20002200*700*95018042200kg/h4 basket
CY30003300*1100*1300400723006 basket

Gas heating type specifications

TypeSize (mm)Weight (kg)Power (kw)Capacity

The advantage of french fries batch fryer machine

  1. Each heating tube is independent. If one of the heating tubes is broken, others still can work normally.
  2. The casters bear high flexibility and are easy to move.
  3. All the frying basket is made of stainless steel and it is convenient to carry.

If you are interested in our french fries batch frying machine, welcome to get in touch with us.

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