What is the status of French potato exports?

France is famous for its potato production, and Tunisia and Egypt are the main French exporters of potatoes, because people in these two countries love to eat French fries made by french fries production machine. Of course, France also has other markets to export potatoes. Egyptian market France also exports a lot of potatoes to Saudi […]

What factors influence consumers to buy potato chips?

Potato chips processed by potato chips making machine are welcomed by people. However, the sale of some brands of potato chips is increasing year by year, while some bands is always in terrible sale. What factors influence consumers to buy potato chips? Factors affecting the purchase of potato chips The survey results show that consumers believe that […]

The development trend of french fries fryer machine

Fried food is loved by people because of its crispy taste, fragrant aroma and appetite enhancement. However, the hazards of foods processed by traditional frying methods, as well as the energy consumption problems of french fries fryer machine have also attracted widespread attention. Therefore, the development of frying technology and the improvement and fryer machine should be […]