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What is the status of French potato exports?

France is famous for its potato production, and Tunisia and Egypt are the main French exporters of potatoes, because people in these two countries love to eat French fries made by french fries production machine. Of course, France also has other markets to export potatoes.


Egyptian market

France also exports a lot of potatoes to Saudi Arabia, and it is expected that potato exports to Egypt will decrease significantly in the coming years. This year, Egypt is expected to import 100,000 tons of potatoes, less than 154,000 tons last year. Last year, Egyptian potato producers have payment problems in the Russian market due to lack of liquidity in bank accounts . But from January to March, Egypt still occupies an important position in the European market. This year, Egypt ’s potato production potential is huge, and Egypt is familiar to the shortage of potatoes in the European market, so it has developed a large area of cultivation.

Middle East Market

The Middle East is a growing market. Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria have huge import potential for potatoes, but geopolitics has seriously affected their import and export trade. Saudi Arabia’s laws do not allow the export of fresh potatoes, while increasing investment in the French fries and potato chips industry, and constantly introducing advanced french fries production machine. They focus on exports to neighboring countries such as Dubai and Kuwait. Syria is a good trading partner, but the civil war makes it more difficult to export potatoes directly. Therefore, you can choose to conduct indirect trade through Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Like Egypt, Syria also has payment problems.

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Russian market

France has overcome the obstacles of the quarantine blockade by allowing Russian inspectors to inspect French potato farms. French potatoes currently have a relatively small share of the Russian market. France has been seeking further growth, as is the situation in Canada, the United States, Australia, Central America and Central Asia.

Latin American market

France licenses varieties in Brazil, local farmers expand potato varieties, and pay royalties to France. Brazil is a completely competitive market, and developing such a market is a long-term process. Despite this, developing the Brazilian potato market is still a strategic priority for France.

African Market

French-speaking countries such as Senegal, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Equatorial Guinea are important markets that France is concerned about. As the purchasing power of local residents continues to increase, potato consumption is growing as well. More and more people like to buy French fries made by the French fries production line in their free time. Local residents hope their food to be diverse.

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