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The development trend of french fries fryer machine

Fried food is loved by people because of its crispy taste, fragrant aroma and appetite enhancement. However, the hazards of foods processed by traditional frying methods, as well as the energy consumption problems of french fries fryer machine have also attracted widespread attention. Therefore, the development of frying technology and the improvement and fryer machine should be based on solving the above two problems.

French Fries Fryer Machine

The application of french fries frying machine

In recent years, with the rapid development of the food industry, fried foods have been widely used in children’s foods, fast foods, meat fillings, deep-frozen foods, microwave foods, and pasta products. Food frying technology is continuously improving. The scale of production has been continuously expanded, and the fries frying machine goes forward in a systematic and intelligent direction.

Among them, the typical continuous potato fryer machine has developed from a simple type in the 1980s to a modern intelligent type. The frying widths are 250mm, 400mm, 600mm, and 800mm, etc., and the frying lengths are 2.5m, 4m, 6m, and 8m etc. What’s more, the heating methods include electric heating and gas heating as well.

The challenge of french fries fryer machine

At present, most of the existing potato frying machine is mainly in the form of electric heating. It consumes a lot of power, especially the large continuous fryer machine, which has raised new challenges today due to the increasingly intensive use of electricity.

After the processing, most of the oil is naturally cooled. People reheat it at the next processing, which consumes a lot of heat energy. The use of gas-fired fryer machines and coal-fired fryer should be strengthened in the future. It is also necessary to strengthen the improvement and development of other energy sources other than electricity.

In terms of the effective use of energy, the design of the potato frying machine should consider installing thermal insulation devices so that the hot oil after processing can maintain heat, reducing the energy loss.

The trend of fryer machine

We should advocate green frying and reduce toxic substances such as acrylamide in fried foods. As far as the frying method is concerned, vacuum frying technology is adopted as far as possible. Regarding to fries frying machine, we should mainly use water filter fryer and vacuum fryer.

In the future, we should further strengthen the research and development of vacuum frying technology and oil-water mixed frying technology. As the same time, it is necessary to optimize the related frying machines.

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