The development history of potato chips

potato chips history
potato chips history

Potato chips are very delicious, and there are producers who make and sell potato chips all over the world. Fried chips are easy to carry and eat. It is suitable for people of all ages and multiple working classes. How was the most popular potato chip made in the world, and how did it spread widely in the world?

Who invented potato chips

potato chips inventer

There are many speculations about who invented the potato chips. It is widely circulated that George Crum developed it in response to a very demanding customer.

The customer was Cornelius Vanderbilt, a wealthy railroad tycoon, and he was a frequent visitor to George Crum’s restaurant. Every time George Crum makes a fried potato, Vanderbilt is not satisfied. He says that the potatoes are cut too thick.

Crum was very angry and decided to try cutting the potatoes very finely, and after frying them a lot of smoke. Unexpectedly, Vanderbilt was very satisfied with the fried potatoes this time. Crum was greatly encouraged when he knew it and decided to promote this fried potato vigorously. And he made a bold attempt on the packaging method, he used a box to pack potato chips instead of cone paper packaging.

How did potato chips become popular all over the world

Crum promoted this deep-fried thin potato chips locally and gained popularity among local people. Later, a Southern salesman, Herman Lay, helped promote the potato chips to grocery stores in the southern United States. The potato chips were also popular in the South. With the help of the success of selling potato chips, he quickly founded his own company.

In the decades that followed, his name became almost synonymous with potato chips. Lay’s potato chips became the first American brand to successfully market. Since the 1960s, potato chips began to spread and become popular in other countries in the world.

Today’s potato chips production

With technological changes, the production of potato chips today mostly relies on commercial potato chip machines. Such as potato chip slicing machine, potato chip frying machine, potato chip seasoning machine, potato chip packaging machine, and other machines.

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