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The top 10 fries brands in Canada

How much do Canadians love French fries? Recently, Canada’s DailyHive website voted for a ranking about the french fries made by French fries processing machine

Let’s take a look at this Canada’s most delicious French fries list! The premise of the selection is to assume that all french fries are fresh, freshly prepared, and properly seasoned.



Harvey’s fries are not unique. It is mainly known for its burgers and onion rings. French fries have the same taste as the one bought in supermarkets. They are delicious with tomato sauce.

Dairy Queen

DQ is best known for their ice cream products, and French fries are not their strong point. The taste of DQ’s fries is average.

Burger King

Burger King’s French fries are the same as ordinary French fries, there is nothing particularly outstanding.

Taco Bell / KFC

The seasonings on this fries are addictive to many people. Of course, these seasonings are likely to be artificial flavors, but they taste good.


New York Fries

New York Fries’ French fries taste closest to the original taste of potatoes. Its French fries are usually crispy, and they can stand up on their own. But if you like a softer taste, it may not be suitable. They also pay much attention to the quality of French fries processing machine

Arby’s Curly Fries

Arby’s chips are different from those in other stores. They are curly-shaped chips. This fries tastes good. Without that special coating, Arby’s curled fries will flatten out.


Wendy ranks fourth on this list. Wendy’s French fries are the perfect combination of potato and French fry. If you haven’t tried eating French fries with cream, try it! It will change your life.


For most people, the first time they eat chips may be is McDonald’s. You can almost close your eyes and imagine the taste, because the taste can be printed into our brains. McDonald’s fries should also be artificial flavors.

A & W

Over the years, A & W has introduced a variety of strange fries. Do you remember the steak fries? It is delicious now, with a crisp appearance and crunchy texture1. 1.


In order to stand out in the oversaturated French fries market, sometimes there must be new tricks. Popeyes’ fries use the classic cajun spice and pepper, which makes the fries very delicious. It is the best fast food french fries in Canada. Most important, they use very professional French fries processing machine.

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