What factors influence consumers to buy potato chips?

Potato chips processed by potato chips making machine are welcomed by people. However, the sale of some brands of potato chips is increasing year by year, while some bands is always in terrible sale. What factors influence consumers to buy potato chips?

Factors affecting the purchase of potato chips

The survey results show that consumers believe that the first condition for a good potato chip is its taste, accounting for 32.15%. Health and nutrition rank second and third, accounting for 22.1% and 21.35% respectively. The price is the fourth place, accounting for 12.3%. From the bottom to up, brands accounts for 5.85%; the packaging accounts for 3.4%; the colors accounts for 1.3%. It can be seen that the four elements including taste, hygiene, nutrition and price are the core conditions for consumers to judge whether potato chips are good or not.

Potato Chips Processed By Potato Chip Making Machine

The first three factors to consider when buying potato chips are taste, price and whether you want to eat

We found that the first three factors consumers consider when buying potato chips are taste, which accounts for 64.2%, and price accounts for 39.6%. Whether they want to eat accounts for 38.7%. From the bottom up, brands accounts for 30.2%;good feelings accounts for 5.5%; novel packaging accounts for 18.9%; nutrition accounts for 13.2%, advertising influence accounts for 11.3%; and friends recommended accounts for 4.7%. The thee factors, good taste, reasonable price and whether they like to eat are the first three factors that consumers consider when buying potato chips.

Potato Chips

The survey also shows that the two favorite potato chips flavors are original and tomato. The taste of original flavor and tomato flavor is significantly higher than other flavors, reaching 33.7% and 32.5% respectively. Through cross-analysis of the survey data, we also found that female consumers prefer original flavor and tomato flavor. For male consumers, in addition to eating original flavor and tomato flavor, barbecue flavor is also their favorite.

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