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Banana chips machine price in Peru


Fresh bananas are rich in nutrients, and the banana chips and banana powder processed from it are also rich in nutrients. And because fried potato chips, French fries, and other products are becoming more and more popular in the world. Fried banana chips are gradually appearing in people’s field of vision, and are welcomed. Fried banana chips usually need to be processed by professional banana chip machines. Banana chip machines need low investment cost, simple operation, and small area. Therefore, more and more people start to invest in the banana chip production business. Many investors invest in Peru, a major banana planting and exporting country, to increase the production of banana chips. As a professional machine manufacturer, we provide banana chips machine at a competitive price in Peru.

Banana chips

What are the banana chips production machines?

The production process of banana chips generally includes: peeling, slicing, blanching, dehydrating, frying, degreasing, packaging, and other steps.

  • Peeling: It usually uses a commercial banana peeling machine to peel a large number of bananas.
  • Slicing: Cut the banana into slices, the banana slicer can ensure that the banana is sliced into slices of the same thickness
  • Blanching: This step is to immerse the banana in water and add sugar to the water, and immerse the sugar on the banana slices
  • Dehydration: This step is to use a centrifugal dehydrator to remove excess water from the banana slices
  • Frying: Use a banana slice frying machine to deep fry the banana slices. Commercial banana chip frying machines can control the frying time and temperature to ensure the color and maturity of the banana chips.
  • De-oiling: In order to ensure that the fried banana slices do not contain excess oil that affects the taste of the banana slices, it needs to use a de-oiling machine to remove the excess oil.
  • Flavoring: The seasoned banana slices have diverse flavors.

Based on high-quality banana chip machines and all-around services, our banana chip machine price in Peru is reasonable.

What is the banana chips machine price in Peru?

Since the banana chip machine has large and small output, its investment cost is also different. The output of the small banana chip machine is 50kg/h~500kg/h, while the output of the large automatic banana chip machine is 300kg/h~2t/h. For the banana chip processing machine of different outputs, its price is different. Therefore, we need to know your specific production needs before we can quote for you. Although the output of different banana chip machines is different, they are all made of 304 stainless steel.

How about investing in banana production in Peru

Both the cultivation and export of bananas in Peru are increasing year by year. And under the influence of the epidemic, Peru’s banana exports are still on the rise. Therefore, bananas are relatively easy to obtain in the country and a large number of cultivation results in cheap local banana prices. The investment cost of banana production machinery is also low, so it is profitable to invest in the banana chip business in Peru. If you require more details about our banana chips machine price and service in Peru, welcome to contact us.

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