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Bananas on Uganda’s table

Uganda is rich in bananas, so many foods in Uganda are also made from bananas, such as banana juice, banana rice, banana wine, snacks, banana chips, etc.

Because Uganda has a suitable climate, fertile land, it is suitable for banana growth. Uganda has become the largest banana producer in sub-Saharan, ahead of Rwanda, Ghana, and Nigeria in West Africa.

Uganda’s banana industry is booming

Uganda banana plant
Uganda Banana Plant

In Uganda, bananas can be seen everywhere. At the farmers’ market, you can see a large number of vendors selling bananas. On the road, you can also see trucks and trucks of bananas transported from the countryside to the city. In the countryside, you can also see the banana forest in the mountains… Bananas are not only the food on which Uganda depends but also a unique cultural symbol.

Types of bananas in Uganda

There are more than 100 kinds of bananas in Uganda, some of which are eaten as fruits, some are suitable for cooking, and some are suitable for brewing.

Banana dishes on the table

Bananas are also indispensable for banquet guests in Uganda. After the guest enters the house, the host will first give a glass of banana juice and then present the slightly grilled rice banana as a snack, and the dinner is “Matoke” banana rice.

During the meal, you will drink “Varaji” which is a mixture of banana and sorghum noodles.

Matoke making method

Matoke usually uses rice bananas that are not fully mature as raw materials. This raw material is still green. It is an unsweetened banana variety.

Uganda matoke
Uganda Matoke

First,using a banana peeling machine to remove outside peel, then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. After cooling, it is extruded into the mud. It can be used with red bean juice, peanut butter, braised chicken nuggets, and curry beef.

Most people who have eaten Matoke say it is the best food ever eaten, and it is also a dish in Uganda’s state banquet.

National Wine Varaji

When feasting guests, Ugandans would recommend them to drink Varaji, which is a strong liquor, up to 60 degrees. This wine is clear and bright, with a mellow and aromatic taste. The raw material for brewing is a sweet banana.

In addition,banana chips are also one of the most popular snacks.

Banana chips
Banana Chips

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