Chamber vacuum packing machine application

The chamber vacuum packing machine is an integrated machine for vacuuming, nitrogen filling, sealing, and cooling. It suits for packing a variety of raw materials.
chamber vacuum packing machine

The chamber vacuum packing machine adopts a vacuum method to pack food. It is to extract the air in the packaging bag, then fill it with nitrogen or other mixed gases to fill the bag, and then seal it.

The food packaged with a vacuum packaging machine can not only ensure the quality of the food. It also has the functions of pressure resistance, gas barrier, and preservation. And it can more effectively maintain the color, aroma, taste, and nutritional value of the packaged food.

How does the vacuum packaging machine work

Vacuum sealing machines include a single chamber and double chamber vacuum packaging machines. The main difference between the two of them is the amount of space that can seal. The single chamber vacuum packaging machine has only one sealing chamber. And the double chamber vacuum packaging machine has two sealing chambers, which can increase the sealing output.

Single chamber vacuum packing machine
Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine
Double vacuum chamber packing machine
Double Vacuum Chamber Packing Machine

The vacuum sealing machine adopts an intelligent control panel. It only needs to program the technical parameters of the packaging in advance. After turning on the power, then need to put into the ready-to pack product to complete the work of air extraction, sealing, and cooling.

Chamber vacuum sealing machine application

The chamber vacuum packing machine can apply for a wide range of raw materials widely. It can be applied to plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, anti-static bags, and other flexible packaging materials. It can pack solid, liquid, paste, powder, and other products such as food, candy, chemical products, electronic components.

Chamber vacuum packing machine application
Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine Application
Vacuum packing machine application
Vacuum Packing Machine Application

This machine can not only apply for packing products individually. But also apply for final packaging in other production lines. It is suitable for packaging fresh meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, sausages, fried and frozen French fries, dried fruits, nuts, etc. Therefore, it is suitable for production lines such as vegetable and fruit washing line, dried fruit packaging, and fried French fries packaging.

The products packaged by the vacuum packaging machine can prevent oxidation, mildew, and moisture. So it can keep fresh and extend the storage period of the product.

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