Potato chips and fries packaging machine

The potato chips packaging machine can pack snack products such as potato chips, french fries, banana chips and so on. Among them, the bucket potato chip packaging machine can realize the functions of automatic weighing, packaging and sealing.
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In the last step in the potato chips production line and French fries line, it is usually necessary to use a potato chip packaging machine to package potato chips. After using the packaging machine to pack, it is very convenient to transport and carry. Generally speaking, the potato chip packaging machines frequently used in the market include vacuum packaging machines and bucket packaging machines. The vacuum fries packaging machine has the function of filling nitrogen for packaging. The nitrogen filling packaging and vacuum packaging are the development trend of potato chips packaging. The bucket chips packing machine has four buckets, six buckets, eight buckets, ten buckets, and other models. Both of these potato chip packaging machines can be used to package French fries, puffed foods, fried foods, and many other foods.

Type one: vacuum potato chips packaging machine

The vacuum potato chips packaging machine can automatically extract the air in the packaging bag. It is called a decompression packaging machine or exhaust packaging machine as well. During the operation, the sealing process can be completed after reaching a predetermined vacuum degree. You also can fill it with nitrogen or other mixed gas, and then seal it. People often use it to package French fries or potato chips. Vacuum chip packing machines often apply in the food industry such as solid, liquid, powdery, and pasty food. After vacuum packaging, food can resist oxidation so as to achieve long-term storage. It mainly composes of a vacuum system, pumping and sealing system, thermocompression sealing system, and electrical control system.

Vacuum chips and fries packing machine operation video

How to pack rice by vacuum packing machine? food vacuum packaging machine / vacuum pack food machine
Potato Chips Packing Machine

Technical parameter

Power of pump2.25KW
Heat-sealing power1.5KW
Lowest absolute pressure0.1pa
Volume of vacuum case660×530×130(mm)
Sealing strip size600×10mm
Number of heater4PCS
Exhaustment of vacuum pump60m3/h
material of vacuum case and hullStainless steel 304

What is the meaning of vacuum?

A vacuum is a space where the gas is thinner. In a given space, the state of gas below atmospheric pressure is collectively called a vacuum. The degree of the gas under vacuum is called the vacuum degree, which is usually expressed by the pressure value. The vacuum degree in food containers packed with vacuum packaging technology is usually 600-1333Pa.

The application of potato chips vacuum packaging machine

The potato chips vacuum packaging machine is suitable for vacuuming, inflating and sealing various foods including meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, chilled meat, etc. The main series are stand-type vacuum packaging machines, single-chamber vacuum packaging machines, and double-chamber vacuum packaging machines. Foods commonly used in vacuum packaging include pickled foods, soy products, cooked foods, and soft canned foods, etc.

Vacuum Packing Machine Display

Vacuum packaging also widely applied in the field of Chinese herbal medicines, especially some valuable medicines, they can be effectively packed with a vacuum to prevent insects. In the pharmaceutical field, some magnesium-containing medicines are usually vacuum-packed to avoid oxidation. Even some electronic parts adopt vacuum packed. In short, the application fields of the vacuum packaging machine is very wide.

Advantages of vacuum potato chip packing machine

  • Microcomputer control panel, more accurate packaging parameter setting, simple operation, and double size transformers for more stable performance
  • It uses well-known brand electrical components to build the core control electrical box, and the circuit layout is reasonable with high safety.
  • The main part of the vacuum pack machine adopts 304 stainless steel with corrosion resistance.
  • The good sealing effect, high efficiency and low noise, high accuracy, and long service life.
  • The potato chips packaging machine’s working method is simple. The upper cover can be moved left and right during work, which doubles the throughput. When one of the chambers is working, the other chamber can prepare in advance.
  • The vacuum degree can be adjusted, and the ultimate vacuum can inhibit the breeding of bacteria. You can adjust the vacuum time, heat sealing time, and temperature according to your needs.
  • Due to the high vacuum in the bag and little residual air, it can inhibit the proliferation of microorganisms such as bacteria, avoiding oxidation, mildew, and corruption of food.
  • For some soft items, after being packed by an automatic vacuum packaging machine, the packaging volume can be reduced to facilitate transportation and storage.
Vacuum Packaging Machine

The working principle of frozen french fries packing machine

The main function of the frozen french fries packaging machine is to remove oxygen to help prevent food spoilage. The principle is relatively simple. Usually, food mold or spoilage is mainly caused by the activity of microorganisms, and most microorganisms (such as mold and yeast) need oxygen. Vacuum packaging uses this principle to remove the oxygen in the packaging bag and food cells so that the microorganisms lose their living environment. Experiments have shown that when the oxygen concentration in the packaging bag is ≤1%, the growth and reproduction speed of the microorganisms decreases sharply. When the oxygen concentration is ≤0.5%, most microorganisms will be inhibited and the reproduction will stop.

The Details Of Packing Machine

The working steps of vacuum packing machine

  • Put the food to be packed on the working platform first, and the seals part should be clean and free of water, oil, etc.
  • Put the food to be packaged on the silicone strip. The hot product should be cooled firstly, and then vacuum package. Because it will not seal smoothly if there is hot air.
  • Close the cover.
  • The vacuum pump starts to draw air from the working room. Generally, the vacuum pump can control the pumping time according to the size of the bag. When reaching the predetermined vacuum degree, the vacuum pump stops working.
  • Open the pressure valve, the air bag is inflated and the heating bar is pressed down. At the same time, it is heated by electricity.
  • Finally, open the bleed valve and make it bleed automatically.
Vacuum Packaging Machine Factory

Type two: ten-bucket potato chips packing machine

An automatic ten bucket potato chips packing machine is a famous machine to pack the french fries or potato chips during the French fries(potato chips)production line. It is also can pack all kinds of puffed foods such as shrimp strips and candy, rice, daily necessities, industrial parts, medical appliances, granular and flake, etc. This chips packaging machine has a high degree of intelligence and precision and can realize automatic packaging, saving manpower. It is highly sealed and airtight, integrating automatic sealing into bags, stop packaging without raw materials, automatic counting, logo printing, finished product output, and automatic bag making as a whole.

Potato chips packaging machine
Potato Chips Packaging Machine

Technical parameter

Maximum weight1000g
Single weighing range10-1000 g
Weighing accuracy±0.3~1.5 g
Weighing capacityMaximum 3000cc
Weighing speed60 times / minute
Application50 kinds of food
Control components8.4 inch button screen

The structure of french fires packing machine

1. Vibrating feeder:fully automatic feeding

2.Z type conveyor

3. Smart touch screen

4. Bag making device

5. Finished product conveyor

6. Automatic sealing: reciprocating heating cutter to strengthen the sealing of the packaging, and it can seal the upper and lower ends of the bag

7. Support platform: high load bearing and high wear resistance

8. The conveyor: stable operation

Potato Chips Packing Machine

Main performance and structural characteristics of fries packaging machine

  1. A high-precision sensor and stable 10 buckets can realize accurate measurement instantly.
  2. This food packing machine adopts a servo motor, and it bears stable operation and long service life.
  3. The opening and closing speed of the hopper can be finely adjusted according to the characteristics of the measured object to prevent them from breaking.
  4. All parts adopt stainless steel, clean and hygienic.
  5. Good compatibility. It is easy to use with other packaging equipment.
  6. The ten-bucket controlled by a computer can accurately measure the weight of the raw material.
  7. The film pulling link adopts an external packaging with multiple film winding shafts to make film pulling and rolling more smoothly
Potato chips packaging machine
potato chips packaging machine

The advantage of ten-bucket potato chips packing machine

  1. Our food packaging machine uses a high-precision digital sensor for weighing, and vibration amplitude can be adjusted automatically with uniform feeding.
  2. Human-machine interface and intelligent control system.
  3. Electric film pulling reel. External film releasing mechanism enables the film installation simpler and faster.
  4. Electronic control components. All control is programmed by software operation, which bears reliable implementation and easy maintenance
  5. The constant temperature sealing cutter to seal the front and rear ends of the packaged product. The optional angle insertion device makes the bag shape more beautiful and avoids curling at the sealing position.
  6. Customized metal bag-making device. Fold the rolled film through the metal panels on both sides to form a bag shape.
  7. A wide range of applications. Puffed foods such as potato chips and rice crackers,  nuts such as walnuts, candy, melon seeds, small biscuits, fruit and vegetable slices, roasted goods, jelly, plum, chocolate and other casual foods, pet food, small hardware quantitative weighing of granular, block, strip and other materials.

Why to choose Taizy chips packing machine?

  1. Choose the best weight combination from multiple groups through computer calculation, which is better than the artificial weighing
  2. Weighing hoppers can be set to discharge in order to effectively prevent the material from blocking.
  3. Optional international languages can be stored.
  4. You can adjust the backlight of the monitor manually to protect your eyesight.
  5. It can display the amplitude of each channel so as to better monitor the working state of the potato chip packing machine.
  6. You can prepare 99 sets of product parameters in advance to meet various program requirements.

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