How New York Fries Build a Strategic Leading Brand?

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Why are New York fries so famous? How does it build a strategic leadership brand? What changes have been made among many competitors? In addition to having professional French fries processing machine, what strategic policies have they implemented?

Pioneering vegetarian fries

Leader Jay Gould believes that slow and solid progress has its own value. He wanted NYF to be spread across all the top shopping malls in the country. Because of this, NYF has little room for growth in Canada. So it begin to enter the market of different countries.

In addition, since NYF has removed the meat ingredients in its sauce, it is guaranteed that the fries are now 100% vegetarian food. It greatly expands the potential customer base. Novel product positioning is one of the reasons why NYF has been protected from the global economic recession since 2008.

Enter the field of Hamburg

In 2004, Jay Gould established SSBC, a premium hamburger brand, to provide customers with the top two fast food products (French fries and burgers). The new SSBC brand provides new growth opportunities for chips in Canada, because SSBC has been a brand located in the area where large retail stores gather since it started. The reason why SSBC can bring growth to the company is that it is not opened in a shopping mall like NYF.

In 2009, the first SSBC franchise opened in Calgary. Similar to NYF, SSBC also uses high-quality, fresh and natural ingredients. Beef burgers do not add any hormones and antibiotics, and are made in front of customers. Gould believes that if you want to join this industry, you must provide the highest quality and best taste products. SSBC, like NYF, offers a very limited variety of dishes.

Whatever you create a French fries brand or hamburger brand, it is very important to have a set of professional French fries processing machine or hamburger making machine that really can bring you high benefit.


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