Green banana plantain peeling machine for peeling banana skin

Green banana peeling machine is to remove the banana peel during the banana slice produce line.It is suitable for different types of banana.
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The green plantain peeling machine is to remove the banana peel during the banana chips production line. The plantain banana peeler uses a manual feeding and automatic peeling process to quickly remove the green banana peel with large outputs. It is suitable for different types of bananas, widely applied to banana processing plants. We have delivered the machine to countries like Nigeria, the Philippines, Australia, etc.

Green banana plantain peeling machine
Green Banana Plantain Peeling Machine

Green plantain peeling machine technical parameter

Power 0.4 kw
Size 950*730*930mm

The above model is a typical type. We provide green banana peeling machines of different models and types. We can also customize the machine for our customers.

Working video of industrial banana peeler machine

Hot-sale automatic green plantain banana peeling machine fit for various banana sizes at best price
High capacity SUS 304 green banana plantain peeling machine

The structure of the green banana skin peeling machine

Feeding device

The feeding device is located at the front of the banana skin peeling machine. The main components are a conveying screw, mechanical speed regulation, and power. The plantain peeling machine’s feeding speed can be adjusted according to different banana varieties to achieve a good peel removing effect.

Peeling device

It consists of a peeling shaft, a peeling screen, and a transmission system. There are peeling blades distributed in a spiral shape on the shaft. The peeling sieve is punched and formed by a stainless steel plate. The diameter of the front section is 28mm, and the diameter of the rear section is 20mm. Its function is to separate the banana peel and the flesh and to discharge the banana peel outside the banana skin peeler machine.

The drive system of the peeling device is located at the front of the frame and is driven by a worm gear step-less speed reducer through a sprocket chain

Industrial banana skin peeler
Industrial Banana Skin Peeler

The advantages of green plantain peeling machine

  • The peeling time is short, and 1.0 seconds can peel a banana.
  • The peeling effect is good and the peeled banana pulp is smooth without any damage.
  • The green plantain peeler machine has high output.
  • It is fit for green bananas of different sizes and shapes.
  • Peeled banana skin and flesh are separated automatically.

The value of bananas

Studies have shown that two bananas can provide enough energy to maintain 90 minutes of vigorous exercise. Bananas can also help us overcome or treat many illnesses and physical conditions.

  • People with depression feel much better after eating bananas. Because bananas contain amino acids that will be converted into serotonin, which can enhance mood and make people feel relax.
  • Bananas have high iron content and can stimulate hemoglobin in the blood.
  • Bananas contain very high amounts of potassium, but low in salt. It is the most ideal food is to lower blood pressure.
  • They can improve people’s concentration.
  • Plantain is very high in fiber, which can help restore normal gastrointestinal activity and eliminate stool excretion without taking laxatives.
  • Banana has a natural acid-making effect on the body with an analgesic effect.
  • After breakfast or before lunch, eat a small number of bananas can maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Bananas are high in vitamin B, which can help slow down the nervous system.
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