How to save the power of instant quick freeze machine?

we must consider not only economic benefits, but also social benefits. Commercial instant quick freeze machine is very popular with consumers.

In the new round of industrial upgrading, low-carbon environmental protection and energy saving have become the focus. Green energy and clean energy are regarded as the most promising development directions. In the development of enterprises, we must consider not only economic benefits, but also social benefits. Commercial instant quick freeze machine is very popular with consumers.

Quick Freeze Machine

People pay attention to the power consumption index parameters

In the age of environmental protection and energy-saving, energy consumption  is one of the most concerned issues. Quick freezers consume a lot of energy in electrical appliances. Many consumers will pay attention to the power consumption index parameters when purchasing it.

The temperature of the freezing part needs to be appropriately changed. Too high or too low temperature is not good for refrigerated food. Moreover, the change in weather also affects the temperature required for the stored food. So how to use instant quick freeze machine more energy-efficient?

Energy-saving suggestion about instant quick freeze machine

1.The condenser of the quick freezer is generally under the steel plate, so it should be placed in a well-ventilated place. It is necessary to wipe away the dust on the outside of the machine in time so as to improve the condensation effect.

2. It is better to freeze food in the evening in the summer. At night, the temperature is low, which is good for the condenser to dissipate heat. What’s more,the instant quick freeze machine is opened less frequently to take food. Therefore, the compressor has a shorter operating time, which saves electricity.

3. The longer the door opening time is, the greater the power consumption will be. It is necessary to minimize the number of door openings and opening times when storing food. The opening angle should be as small as possible. Take out or put food in at one time as planned to avoid excessive cold air overflow and excessive indoor hot air entering the quick freezer machine.

There is a temperature adjustment knob, and the user can directly adjust the temperature he wants.

The frost is an important factor

The thicker the frost is, the greater the power consumption can be. If there is thickly frosted and you do not defrost them in time, it will reduce the freezing efficiency. Even worse, it extends the working time of the compressor, increasing power consumption. When the frost thickness exceeds half a centimeter, you have to defrost it.

Instant quick freeze machine allows bacteria inside food to slow down and extend the shelf life of food by lowering the temperature. It is made of heat-insulating material, which can prevent heat transfer inside and outside

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