Instant french fries freezer for quick freezing fries

Instant french fries freezer for quick freezing fries
In the production of French fries, an instant fries freezer is generally used to freeze fries in large quantities to prevent the fries from sticking. The fries freezer in this industry can also freeze dumplings, buns and other quick-frozen foods.
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The quick french fries freezer is to freeze the french fries during the frozen french fries production, and it also can be used for other food. The instant french fries freezing machine can quickly cool it so as to maintain its nutrition and fresh taste. The refrigeration system consists of 4 basic parts, namely, the compressor, condenser, throttling components, and evaporator.

industrial quick french fries freezer is also suitable for freezing Steamed buns, dumplings, meatballs
quick freeze machinery

Industrial instant french fries freezer technical parameter

ModelCYSD-1100 L
Number of layers30 layers
Electrical Specifications / Volt380
Electrical Specifications / Hertz50
Limit temperature / °C-45
Refrigerant categoryR-404A
CondenserAir cooling
French Taikang Compressor6.5P
Rated power / kW5.5KW
Shelf size / mm400*600
Inner dimension length, width, height / mm900*630*1735
Dimensions, length, width, height / mm1637*1150*2068

The advantages of French fries quick freezer

  • Balanced freshness. The quick french fries freezer machine has a built-in suction convection fan, and it has 360-degree circulating air cooling, fully maintaining the freshness of french fries.
  • The shelves are adjustable. The height of the shelf is adjustable, which can store various canned and bottled food more freely with a strong bearing capacity.
  • Intelligent multi-functional temperature control system to achieve precise temperature adjustment.
  • The quick fries freezer has an intelligent water removal device.
  • The internal lighting enables you to freeze food at night.
  • Our french fries quick-freezing machine bears stainless steel shell and liner with good corrosion resistance. In addition, it is durable, meeting the requirements of sanitary certification.
  • Quick-freezer can effectively reduce the loss of water content. At the same time, it can inhibit the breeding of bacteria in order to ensure the taste and safety of french fries.
  • There is universal swivel casters and gravity adjustment device, which makes it easy to move.
  • Power supply, voltage, and frequency can be customized according to customer requirements.
frozen french fries also can freeze meat and seafood
quick freezer

How to move a quick fries freezing machine?

1. When carrying, you should lift the bottom of fries freezing machine. You can not hold the door handle or exert force on the table and the condenser, let alone drag on the ground.

2. The maximum inclination angle of the freezer cannot exceed 45 degrees, and it cannot be placed upside down or horizontally. Otherwise, it will damage the compressor. Even worse, the refrigerating oil in the compressor will flow into the refrigeration pipeline, affecting the refrigeration effect and causing the compressor to spring.

3. During transportation, it is necessary to prevent bumps and severe vibrations.

quick frozen chips freezing machine inner
food freezer machine

How to install quick freezer?

1. French fries quick freezer should be placed away from heat sources and not exposed to direct sunlight. When working, it exchanges heat with the outside world, which means that it needs condenser to dissipate heat. If the outside ambient temperature is high, the heat dissipation will be slower. In this case, it increases power consumption, triggering poor cooling effect.

2. The place with low humidity. Since refrigerators, freezers, condensers, and compressors are made of metal materials, if the air humidity is too high, these parts will rust and shorten the life of the refrigerator. At the same time, the humid environment will cause condensation on the surface of the , quick freezer.

double -door frozen chips freezer
double-door freezing machine

3. A well-ventilated place. If french fries quick freezer is around debris or is too close to the wall, it is not conducive to heat dissipation and will affect the cooling effect. There should be a space of at least 30CM on the top surface of the freezer, and at least 10CM on the back to facilitate heat dissipation.

4. The ground should be flat and solid. This is not only for safety reasons, but also allows the compressor to work smoothly, reducing vibration and noise.

5. You shall not place machine in flammable, explosive and corrosive environment.

6. The machine must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Fat in food is a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. To avoid contamination, all parts in contact with french fries must be cleaned regularly.

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