Is it wise to raise the price of potato chips?

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Since the beginning of this year, many companies who have potato chips processing line have raised product prices to cope with the continuous increase in raw materials and labor costs. It is understandable to balance the cost pressure through price adjustment, but this will inevitably bring some influence to consumers. At the same time, it damages consumers’ trust to the brand.

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How to build a potato chips brand?

Lightweight packaging and design to meet the demand for convenience, and environmental protection are the new trends in the development of potato chips. The design must not only be simple, but also return to the origin of potato chips. It is good to use the photos of potato farmers to create a spirit of ingenuity.

Create brand effect in Multi-dimensional innovation

The younger generation, as the main consumer of casual snacks, has a strong interest in the fresh and interesting elements. Meanwhile, they are always willing to try new things. They are also highly sensitive to the taste and cost-effectiveness of the product. Faced with a variety of casual snacks, consumers have more diverse choices. Therefore, for merchants, in order to win business opportunities and improve benefit, they must inevitably take the all-round differentiation road. The multi-dimensional innovations such as taste, packaging, marketing and interactive methods should be made by deeply surveying consumer demand. Besides, purchasing professional potato chips processing line can reduce the cost of potato chips.

Finally, you should insist on building a brand from social media interaction,brand cross-border marketing and other aspects. By doing this, you can strive to lead the long-term flow of the new snack industry.


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