Multifunctional automatic sweet potato slicing machine

sweet potato slicing machine
Multifunctional automatic sweet potato slicing machine
In the food processing industry, the processing of sweet potatoes in batches requires an efficient sweet potato slicing machine. The sweet potato slicer is widely used in the vegetable processing industry and the food industry.

In the food processing industry, the processing of sweet potatoes in batches requires an efficient sweet potato slicing machine. Since the traditional method of using a kitchen knife to cut is inefficient with uneven slice thickness. The automatic sweet potato cutting machine is a professional solution. The sweet potato slicer machine has a compact structure, high production efficiency, and is easy to operate. The sweet potato slicer is widely used in the vegetable processing industry and the food industry. The sweet potato cutter machine is multi-purpose and cost-effective (also named as a banana slicing machine) which can cut radish, potato, taro, cassava, lotus root, plantains, bananas, etc.

Uses of sweet potatoes

Sweet potato has high nutritional value and delicious taste. Sweet potato is a low-fat, low-calorie, high-fiber food, rich in various vitamins and trace elements, and is called “one of the most nutritionally balanced health foods” by nutritionists. There are various types of common sweet potatoes. For example, high-yield and high-starch sweet potatoes are mainly used as starch raw materials. The type of fresh vegetables sweet potatoes are used for making dried sweet potatoes, potato sauce, canned food, fried sweet potato chips or fries, and extracting natural pigments. In addition to the nutrients of ordinary sweet potatoes, healthcare sweet potatoes are also rich in selenium and anthocyanins for healthcare food.

Sweet potato chips processing business prospects

Sweet potato is one of the common economic crops in rural areas. It is not only nutritious but also meets the dietary and health care needs of modern society. Now sweet potatoes have become a daily food on the table of the public, and the market demand for sweet potatoes is increasing year by year. Due to the development of the food processing industry, the types of food that sweet potatoes are used as raw materials are becoming more and more abundant. The emergence of the sweet potato slicing machine promotes the production of various sweet potato snacks. Common sweet potato snacks include sweet potato fries, sweet potato chips, fried sweet potato chips, sweet potato chips, and other snacks, which are very popular among consumers.

Sweet potato slicing machine advantage

To engage in the sweet potato chips processing business, an industrial potato slicing machine with high performance can be a great help. The following are the highlights of the electric potato cutting machine.

  • Wide application, and a variety of feeding ports to adapt to different raw materials. Suitable for cutting root vegetables and fruits, such as potatoes, radishes, cucumbers, cassava, taro, bananas, plantains, etc.
  • The sweet potato slicing machine has reasonable design, low noise, simple operation and easy cleaning.
  • The cutter head is smooth, the cutter head diameter is large, and the slicing efficiency is high,
  • The slices are uniform and the slice thickness can be adjusted within the range of 1-8mm. The cut sweet potato slices are complete in shape, smooth in cut surface and uniform in thickness.
  • The blades are made of high-quality steel, which are durable. The material in contact with food is food-grade stainless steel to ensure food safety and hygiene.
Sweet potato cutting machine 1
Sweet Potato Cutting Machine 1

Usage and precautions of sweet potato cutting machine

  1. Place the sweet potato slicer machine on a level work site to ensure that the machine is stable, reliable and does not shake.
  2. Carefully check whether there are sundries in the feed port, and clean up if there are foreign bodies. Check whether the fasteners are loose during use and whether the switch circuit is damaged.
  3. In order to ensure safety, it must be grounded reliably, and the power connector must be equipped with a leakage protector.
  4. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to put your hands into the machine, and do not press the switch with wet hands during processing.
  5. Before cleaning and dismantling, first disconnect the power to stop the machine.
  6. The bearing is regularly added with grease.
  7. In the process of use, if there is an abnormal situation, the power switch should be turned off quickly, and restarted after the fault is eliminated to make it work normally.

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