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banana slicer

Banana slicing machine is used for cutting banana slices. Because in the slicing process, the banana slices need to be pressed manually, so it is also called a downward pressure slicer.

It can be used not only for cutting banana slices but also for cutting root vegetables such as onion rings, carrots, lotus root, etc.

It can not only be used alone in canteens, restaurants, small processing plants, but also can be used to slice bananas in the banana chips production line.

Why choose the Taizy banana slicing machine?

Currently, banana slicing machines generally have the disadvantages of uneven slicing and low efficiency. It greatly reduces the quality of banana processing. Taizy banana Slicing machine overcomes these shortcomings. The finished banana slices cut with the Taizy banana slicer are intact, regular in shape, and even in thickness.

We consider the diversity of customers’ sliced raw materials, provide customers with unique customized services. We can customize the height and diameter of the inlet, and we can also customize different sizes of tools for customers.

Banana slicer machine parameters


How to use the banana slicing machine?

The banana slicing machine has a simple structure, simple operation, and large output.

1. Turn on the power to run the machine;

2. Put the peeled banana into the inlet and press the banana;

3. The banana enters the inside of the machine, and the rotating blade slices the banana;

4. The cut banana slices fall into the material box.

Working video of banana slicer machine

What should you noted?

1. Clean after each use to ensure that no food residue remains inside the machine;

2. After turning on the power, observe whether the rotating blade is rotating counterclockwise, otherwise adjust the wire source;

3. Before normal work, perform trial cutting first to observe whether the finished product is consistent with the requirements, otherwise adjust the height between the blade and the turntable before working;

4. After using for a period of time, regularly check whether the screws are loose;

5. When the machine is not used for a long time, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place.

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Before cutting banana slices, you also need a banana peeling machine to remove the outer skin.

Banana peeling machine can realize the automatic separation of the skin and flesh of various size’s bananas, and the peeled banana flesh is smooth without damage.

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