Plantain chips processing machine in Nigeria

At present, more and more Nigerians have started to produce fried plantain(banana) chips because it is the most popular food in the country. As a snack in daily life, the popularity of banana chips has also driven the demand of plantain chips processing machine in Nigeria.

plantain chips processing machine

The climatic conditions in Nigeria are very suitable for growing bananas. The banana chip market is prosperous in Nigeria, and there are 4.575 tons of banana chips produced by plantain chips processing machine every year. According to statistics, the demand for banana chips is about 5.250 tons, so its production is in short supply. More and more people are beginning to import banana chip production line in order to seek more profits.

Banana Chips

Where are bananas grown in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s banana chip production ranks fifth in the world, with output of 3,088.938 tons in 2016. The cities in Nigeria that grow bananas are Lagos, Acquawam,Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Edo, Delta, Ondo etc.

Why the plantain chips processing machine in Nigeria is badly needed?

Different from soft bananas and sweet bananas, as one of the main high-fiber foods, banana chips contains many vitamins and protein, and it is low in fat and sodium, that’s why it can alleviate many diseases. So, a growing number of Nigerian prefer to eat it in spare time, which make banana chips processing machine in Nigeria popular in the recent years.

What ’s the target market of plantain market in Nigeria?

Nigeria has a population of more than 165 million. Children, teenagers, and young people are the target population of banana chips there. At the same time, there are many counters selling banana chips in hotels, restaurants, canteens and public places.

How to open the plantain chips business in Nigeria?

If you want to open a plantain chips business in Nigeria, it is necessary to buy a whole plantain chips processing machine that includes banana peeling machine, banana cutting machine, banana blanching machine, dewatering machine,frying machine, deoiling machine,seasoning machine and packing machine. This line is divided into two types such as semi-automatic line and fully-automatic line. If your budget is not high, i recommend you to buy a semi-automatic plantain chips processing line. This line really can bring you huge profit in Nigeria.

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