Multi-purpose taro fries machine | taro root cutting machine at low price

taro fries machine
Multi-purpose taro fries machine | taro root cutting machine at low price
Automatic taro fries machine is used for efficiently cutting taro, potatoes and other fruits and vegetables into adjustable slices or strips.

An automatic taro fries machine (also known as French fries cutting machine) is used for efficiently cutting taro, potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes, and other Tuberous fruits and vegetables into adjustable slices or strips. Made of high-quality stainless steel material, the blade of the taro cutting machine is very sharp so that the final products have a smooth surface. This taro chips cutting machine is easy to operate, highly efficient, and easy to clean. The machine parts contacting food are made of food-grade stainless steel material to meet food safety standards. The taro strip cutter machine is suitable for taro chips processing units, hotels, restaurants, fast food stores, canteens, and related vegetables and snacks processing factories.

Taro fries machine advantages

  1. The taro cutting machine is multi-functional and suitable for a variety of vegetables and fruits. Suitable for slicing and stripping root vegetables such as potatoes, radishes, taro, potatoes, melon, and fruits.
  2. Capable of slicing and cutting into strips. The size of the final products can be adjusted. The strip cross-section size reaches from 6*6mm to 15*15mm. The common specification is 8*8, 9*9,10*10mm. For special specifications, we can customize the machine.
  3. High efficiency, labor-saving, safe and convenient. The general output is 600-1000kg/h.
  4. Affordable price and cost-effective. As a taro chips slicer manufacturer, we offer the machine at a competitive factory price.
  5. Made of stainless steel materials. The taro root cutting machine is in line with the requirements of food hygiene standards.
  6. Good quality of cutting surface, easy operation, and low energy consumption.
Taro strips
Taro Strips

Structure and operation of chips cutting machine

The taro fries machine is mainly composed of a frame, shell, feed tray, blades, transmission part, discharge cover, and so on. The high-efficient automatic taro cutting machine adopts the guide slot on the rotating feeder to feed the material. The taro chips cutting machine uses the small knives with inclined distribution and the big knives with curved oblique edges to cut.

When working, the operator puts the taros into the hopper of the taro strip cutter machine. The inverted groove on the rotating material dial guides the material to rotate along the shell wall. Then the cutter installed on the shell wall will cut the vegetables into strips, and the final taro fries will come out automatically from the discharge hood.

Taro cutting machine
Taro Cutting Machine

What is the taro cutting machine price?

Taizy Machinery is a professional taro fries machine manufacturer and offers machinery at very competitive prices. Because our machines are available in various models and capacities, the prices vary. If the customer needs customized services and additional accessories, such as machine material, voltage, machine size, and different sizes of tools, the price will also be different. The cost of the machine is one of the important factors affecting the price. The cost includes the sum of a series of inputs such as labor input for machining, the input of raw materials, the input of technology, the input of transportation cost, etc. Our machines use the current advanced processing technology and high-quality materials to ensure stable work and excellent performance of the machine. In addition, we provide comprehensive services that can help users with timely, effective, and considerate after-sales service. Our machines have been hot selling in many countries and have gained satisfactory feedback from users. Welcome to contact us for specialized advice and professional quotation.

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