Potato cutter / commercial french fry cutter machine

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potato strips cutting machine

Potato cutter is to cut the potato into small and thin pieces, while the french fry cutter machine is used to cut the potato into strips. The former is applied to the potato chips production line, and the latter is suitable for the french fries production line.

The related machine before using potato cutter

As we all know, there is outer skin on the surface of the potato with little soil, so we need to wash it first and then remove the outer skin. Such a machine is small size potato washing and peeling machine. The inner wall of it is made of special raw material that is able to peel the skin without any damage to the potato itself. when working, you can connect the machine with the water pipe to fully clean the potatoes.

potato washing machine
potato cleaning machine

Technical parameter

Model Size (mm)Weight(kg)power(kw)Output(kg/h)

After washing and peeling, we should cut the potato into pieces or strips for different uses. Today I will introduce you three types of potato cutters.

Type 1:Normal type potato cutter

chips cutting machine

This potato cutter not only can cut potatoes but other fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, and banana, etc. It is very easy to operate. You just need to put the potato into the machine and place a container under the outlet. You will get the slices after several seconds.

Professional potato chips cutting machine operation video

The advantage of potato chips cutting machine

  1. The thickness of the potato slices is around 2mm, and the final potato chips bear a crisp taste after frying. What’s more, you can adjust the thickness on the basis of your need.
  2. The shape of the slices can be flat or wave, which can be achieved by changing the inner blades.
  3. The two inner blades are made of stainless steel, and they can be used for a long time.
wave potato slices
cucumber cutting machine

Technical parameter

Capacity600 kg/h
Dimension950*800*950 mm
Voltage /power1.1 kw 380 V
Weight110 kg

Type 2:Press type potato cutter

potato slice cutting machine

The press type potato cutter is specially designed to cut the fruit and vegetable with long or cylindrical shapes such as potatoes, carrots, white radishes, green radishes, sweet potatoes, lotus roots, apples, pears, etc.

You need to use your hand to push potatoes when working. The thickness of potato slices is  2-6mm.

Potato chips cutting machine video

The advantage of press type potato cutting machine

  1. The surface of final potato slice is unven and smooth, which lays the foundation for frying delicious potato chips.
  2. You can adjust the angle of the rotary cutter.
  3. It is fit for various vegetables and fruits.
fruit slicing machine

Technical parameter of banana slicer


Type 3:French Fries cutter machine

potato strips cutting machine

If you want to make French Fries, you really need a French Fries cutter machine.

It firstly cut the potato into slices that are cut into strips. The size of the potato slice usually is 8*8, 9*9,10*10mm, and it can be customized in accordance with your needs. The range of the size is 6*6mm to max 15*15mm.

French fries cutting machine video

The technical parameter

Size of French Fries6*6mm to max 15*15mm(it can be customized). The general specification is 8*8, 9*9,10*10mm
Capacity 600-800kg/h
Raw material SUS304

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