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Herefordshire is located on the southwest coast of the United Kingdom. The soil is fertile clay, which produces potatoes of very high quality. In 2002, a local farmer named Tyrrells potato chips by the name of his own farm. In 2014, they began to produce potato chips on a large scale though using professional potato chips processing machine. Tyrrells potato chips have been successfully sold to 30 countries including the United States, Brazil, and India etc.

The concept of Tyrrells potato chips latest packaging for different flavors

There are always lacking some novelties in the packaging of potato chips on the market. When you meet Tyrrells, you will find that imagination is boundless. In fact, Tyrrells has been pursuing brand awareness through its packaging. It is called packvertising in the industry. Its packaging is full of rigorous and uninhibited mashups, and the unrelated visual elements are put together but they are very harmonious.

Tyrrells potato chips packaging style

Old, black and white photos are the main visual symbol of Tyrrells potato chips packaging. Most of the photos were taken in the early and middle stages, and the scenes were mostly farms, countryside, and beaches. Images with a sense of the age, carrying traces of rural life, arouse old memories. The latest packaging restores the color of the local details in the photo, making the visual effect more realistic.

Differences in Tyrrells potato chip packaging

Nostalgia is a common packaging strategy of the brand, and the content of the picture is also related to the product itself. To show the brand’s charm, these images are often constructed as positive picture.

However, the above visual strategy has no trace on Tyrrells potato chips. Most of the people in the old photos have nothing to do with the product. They are neither potato chips processing machine nor a consumer. The protagonist often shows in front of consumers with a strange posture. What does the brand want to express through these old photos?

The meaning of different packaging

The sea salt & cider vinegar taste contains an uncle who is trying a wine. The photo records his slight moment, that is, squinting his eyes, looking at the remaining half of the wine in the glass, and the corner of the mouth rises slightly.

Smoked paprika tastes more intensely. In a tea restaurant, the lady on the right is staged to swallow fireballs, and the one on the left continues to taste tea elegantly, seeming to care nothing about it.

Smoked paprika

There are three women on the Mature Cheddar & Chive taste packaging. The middle one is holding a giant cheese, and two people standing behind have a strange expression on their faces.

Mature Cheddar & Chive taste

In the lightly sea salted taste packaging, three girls in swimsuits play handstands on the seashore, two of them are doing well. The girl on the far right is at the moment when their feet are vacating.

lightly sea salted taste

Novel packaging, coupled with a professional potato chips processing machine, Tyrrells potato chips is constantly famous in the world


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