What to note when using french fries freezing machine?

The temperature of french fries freezing machine can be adjusted in a wide range, which can meet the needs of freezing different foods.

The temperature of french fries freezing machine can be adjusted in a wide range, which can meet the needs of freezing different foods. Most of the freezer machine uses intelligent temperature change, but storing different food needs different temperature. If you want to freeze for a long time, you need to manually adjust the temperature of freezer to ensure the cooling effect.

Quick Freezer Machine

Can french fries freezing machine fit for meat?

When the temperature of the french fries freezing machine is adjusted to minus 7 degrees Celsius, it belongs to the freezing mode. At this time, it is very suitable for storing some meat products, which can achieve the effect of keeping meat fresh and not all freezing. It is more convenient to slice when it is taken out, and it does not need time to thaw.

What should you note?

1. When the freezer is used for the first time, it should idle for 1-2 hours, and shut down when the operation reaches a stable state. Then turn it on after putting in food.

2. Quick freeze machine use fully automatic numerically controlled thermometers, which can prevent frequent power failures and protect the compressor. The compressor will be delayed for two minutes after all frozen products are placed in the french fries freezing machine .

3. The temperature of the freezer machine is adjusted before it leaves the factory.

4. Handle with care when storing food. Do not throw food in the freezer machine to avoid damage to the inner wall.

5. Keep a certain distance between the front and back of the machine. Do not place food too close to the air outlet. Keep proper clearance when placing the French fries to facilitate the convection of the cold air. What’s more, it can enable uniform temperature.

6. The temperature should be lower than 32 ℃, and french fries freezing machine can not be exposed to direct sunlight or used around an oven.

7. 100MM space should be left behind the back of machine, which is conducive to good ventilation of the freezer machine to ensure the cooling effect.

8. You need to use separate sockets.

9. Use a voltage regulator when the voltage is unstable.

10. After the defrost is completed, the quick freezer can automatically cool.

11. In order to save electricity, you shall minimize the number of door openings and shorten the door opening time.

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