Commercial banana peeler machine price

The commercial banana peeler machine is specialized in peeling banana commercially. Good peeling effect and no damage to the peeled banana.
green banana peeler machine price

Banana peeler machine is used to peel green bananas and plantains commercially. Bananas have rich nutrition and products made from bananas also have broad market prospects, such as banana chips and banana powder. The first step in the commercial production of bananas is to remove banana skins. Commercial banana peeler machines emerge according to the needs of customers. It adopts manual feeding and automatic peeling to remove banana skins. The peeler machine can peel skins in one second, and the production efficiency is extremely high.

Banana peeling machine
Banana Peeling Machine

How to remove banana skins

The commercial banana peeler machine consists of a feeding device and a peeling device. When peeling, cut off the top and tail of the banana for better peeling. Manually feed the bananas into the feeding port, and the machine’s conveying device conveys the bananas downward. In the downward process, the banana touches the spirally distributed peeling blades on the peeling shaft. The blade peels the banana pulp and banana skin.

Usage of peeled bananas and banana skins

You can use a banana slicer to cut into slices and then put in a drying box for drying. Or it can be made into fried banana chips or dried and ground into banana powder.

The peeled banana skins seem useless, but in fact, banana peels also have rich nutritional value. Banana skin is a very good herbal medicine. It can treat oral inflammation, laxatives, and improve hemorrhoids. And it can apply to wipe leather shoes, leather clothes, leather sofas, etc. It has the function of maintaining the luster of leather products and extending the life of leather products.

Peeled banana usage
Peeled Banana Usage
Peeled banana skins usage
Peeled Banana Skins Usage

Commercial banana peeler machine price

The banana peeler machine adopts all 304 stainless steel. The peeled banana is smooth and undamaged. The peeling output can reach 1000-2000kg/h. Banana peeling machine has a variety of models, single inlet, double inlet, three inlet, and other types of machines. Therefore, the prices of different models of banana peeling machines vary. If you want to get the price of the banana peeling machine, please contact us and tell us the model of the machine you want, and we will quote you.

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