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Why British people love fried fish with french fries?

British people are often ridiculed that except for fried fish with french fries, this country really has nothing to eat. But the British never thought that fish and French fries made by the french fries production line were always great.

French Fries

Why British people love it?

At the earliest, the British ate fish and French fries separately. Mix plain flour with spontaneous flour, add salt and egg yolk, and add boneless cod. This was the earliest idea of Jewish refugees who fled from Portugal and Spain to Britain in the 16th century AD. Located in the North Sea, it is rich in cod resources.

Fried fish with French fries can make people feel full

In the 19th century, with the industrial revolution, train transportation allowed fresh cod to be transported to the more densely populated central and southern regions of England. At this time, people found that if you mix the French fries with fried fish, it tasted good. Most important, it can make people feel full.

Fish and chips shops also came into being

Because this method of eating fish and French fries was more compatible with the English life rhythm in the era of rapid economic development, special fish and chips shops also came into being. The owners began to buy a lot of professional French fries making machine.

What does it reflect?

Although it is just a fish and chips, the British can distinguish from the use of materials to the way of cooking. Behind the various cooking ways, it can reflect the differences in regional economic strength.

According to the British, the country ’s economic strength, based on the geographical location, is getting richer from north to south, which can also be felt from the taste of fish and chips everywhere. However, due to the frequent eating, there are more obese people in Scotland than in England for many years. Under this case, the British health organizations call on the people in the northern region to eat lighter.

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