How to ensure that potato chips will not broken during seasoning

The automatic potato chips seasoning machine can mix the materials evenly and will not damage the potato chips.
potato chips seasoning

The automatic potato chips seasoning machine is used for flavoring potato chips. The taste of potato chips and the integrity of potato chips are important indicators to ensure the quality of potato chips. When seasoning, we should pay more attention to these two points. How to mix the seasoning and potato chips evenly when seasoning? How to ensure that potato chips are complete and not broken? This requires a professional potato chip flavoring machine to achieve.

Types of automatic potato chips seasoning machine

There are two types of automatic potato chips seasoning machines, one is octagonal flavoring machine and the other is rotary roller seasoning machine. The octagonal flavoring machine can discharge manually and automatically. It mainly rotates the seasoning barrel 360°,so that the potato chips and seasoning are evenly mixed together.

The rotary roller seasoning machine is a long barrel-shaped machine, which also mixes the raw materials evenly by rolling it continuously. The machine can automatically feed and discharge. Moreover, it can equip with an automatic spreading device to realize automatic spreading of materials.

Differences of two flavoring machines

Although these two automatic seasoning machines can realize the flavoring potato chips and ensure that the potato chips will not broken. But these two flavoring machines also have certain similarities and differences.

  • Different feeding methods. The octagonal flavoring machine needs manual feeding, which can manually discharge and automatically discharge; while the drum seasoning machine can automatically feed and discharge.
  • The degree of automation is different. The octagonal seasoning machine needs a pot of flavoring. After adjusting a bucket, you need to put it into the next bucket immediately. The drum seasoning machine can put fresh fried potato chips while seasoning, and it can realize continuous operation.
  •  Both commercial potato chips seasoning machine can ensure the evenness and integrity of potato chips.
  • They both can adapt to various forms of condiments. Both types of flavoring machines can season solid and liquid seasonings. They also can realize the automatic spraying.The two machines both adopts all 304 stainless steel,with stable structure.
  • The two machines both have multi models for customer to choose from.

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