The development trend of potato chips packaging bags

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Potato chips made by potato chips plant machine belong to fried foods, which contain a lot of fats and proteins. Therefore, preventing the potato chips from not being crispy  is a major concern for many potato chip manufacturers. At present, potato chip packaging is divided into two types, that is, bagged and canned. The bagged potato chips are mostly made of aluminum-plastic composite film or aluminum-plated composite film. Canned potato chips are basically made of paper aluminum-plastic composite barrel with good sealing.

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How to pack potato chips?

In order to ensure that the potato chips are not easily oxidized or crushed, in the packaging process of the potato chip processing line, the inside of the package needs to be filled with nitrogen (N2) that can eliminate the presence of O2 in the package. If the packaging material has poor barrier to N2 or the packaging is not tight, it is easy to change the content of N2 or O2 in the package. As the result, the nitrogen-filled packaging cannot protect the potato chips.

In short, the requirements of potato chip packaging bags are light protection, oxygen barrier performance, good air tightness and packaging cost control

What is the common structure of the potato chip packaging bag?

The common potato chip packaging bag is a composite structure of OPP printed film, PET aluminized film, and PE heat seal film. The design of heat seal inside and outside

made by potato chips processing line

The consumption of potato chips is increasing

Some potato chip packaging is very creative, and the unique bag shape can well differentiate the brand.

Potato chips are hot sale with high demand and high turnover rate. The development of foreign potato chip packaging bags is still pursuing thinning, simplification and sustainability of composite structures while ensuring packaging performance. The latest packaging structure is a composite of 18 micron OPP printed heat seal film and 18 micron OPP aluminum heat seal film.

In addition to saving material, it can also save costs and facilitate recycling and regeneration.

In recent years, there have been more and more people eating potato chips. The national potato chip purchase penetration rate has reached 76% overall. The domestic potato chip market has developed rapidly and the market size has continued to expand.

The potato chips market is highly competitive

At the same time, the competition for potato chips is fierce. Well-known brands such as Leshi, Pringles, Cubeco, Abili, and Holiyou continue to launch new taste in order to attract more customers. In addition, retail prices are also highly competitive. These brands not only have advanced potato chips plant machine , but also carry out wise marketing strategies.

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